Chicago Med Reaches 100th Episode Tonight Retrospective

Tonight Chicago Med will air its milestone episode. Let’s celebrate!

chicago med recap 7 - Chicago Med Reaches 100th Episode Tonight Retrospective

As the hours and minutes clock down to the milestone of the 100th episode of Chicago Med. That got me thinking about how this spin-off of Chicago series begins when Chicago Fire aired the episode “I Am The Apocalypse” during its third season. Firehouse 51 was called to a chemical leak that had them taking everyone to Chicago Med until a patient blows up the emergency room because he believed he was infected with a deadly virus. Go figure, right?

After the explosion, Severide was the one in severely injured while Will Halstead and April Sexton tried to keep order in the ER with the help from Firehouse 51. Boden meets with Goodwin and Charles as they team up with Chicago PD to figure out the suspect and after testing the infected blood with Herrmann’s normal blood, all was good. At Molly’s Boden gives a lovely speech to the people that worked at Chicago Med.

Soon after Chicago Med was picked up to series; some of the cast members were kept, some were changed. We got the famous #Manstead and carries on to #Sexchoi and more. We’ve gotten heart-pounding moments, heartbreaking moments and laughs as well. We’ve gotten amazing episodes from the past 100 episodes like Will going against a cancer patient’s wishes to die, Natalie battling her own decision making after losing her memory. Evan Ethan fighting hard to keep a patient alive to say goodbye to his wife and more.

Tonight’s the 100th episode and while the landscape of television has changed just a bit, the meaning of 100 episodes use to be syndication for that series; but nowadays shows like Chicago PD gets syndication deal before it’s 100th episode while Chicago Fire doesn’t have any. Shows today might two to four seasons and either be canceled or end on their own terms. Some last more than a decade or two and still have more stories to tell. We should take the time to appreciate the moment that a series whether it’s your to past such a milestone.

I just re-watched the backdoor pilot of Chicago Med that I just talked about earlier and it still holds up. And with season one, episode one episode still holds up as it reminds me of an updated version of ER. When Chicago Med premiere, the medical drama was a risk do put on because since ER and House ended its run the only thing was Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice, which to me was too soapy for my taste. The Night Shift brought the medicine and character-driven drama back on television.

Chicago Med’s episode tonight should be one not to miss. I’m ready for tonight and more to come. To the cast and crew of Chicago Med here’s to 100 episodes and to 100 more and beyond! Cheers!

Are you excited for tonight’s episode? What are your memories of the past 100 episodes? Leave a comment and tell us your thoughts.

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You can catch Chicago Med tonight at 8/7c on NBC.