Chicago Med (S05E16) “Who Should Be the Judge”

As two doctors are kidnapped. There’s good news for Maggie; while a family reunion isn’t what it seems. Here’s a recap! 189947 0190 - Chicago Med (S05E16) "Who Should Be the Judge"

As Crockett and Natalie walk to Med, they get pulled into an unexpected emergency that ended up being a kidnapping to help a prisoner get to his dying son. But will one make it out alive? Of course when Crockett saves the guy from killing himself.

Meanwhile, Will visits Hannah at rehab and seeing that she’s not taking anything to ease her way out of the addiction. After treating one of Dr. Charles’ patients, Will tries to sneak something to help her but she refuses and kicks him out.

April and Ethan are part of a family reunion miracle as a daughter is reunited with her biological birth mother who’s in need of an organ donation. But something doesn’t seem right and it turns out that they aren’t really biological related and it turns out that the daughter’s friend used her job at the Foster Care Service to located. Even though both of them knew, they don’t care and become a real blended family.

Maggie waits on the news of her test. After a hell of a day, she gets the good news that she deserves, cancer is gone and in return, Ben is there to help get her to celebrate. But just what celebration she wants the one with wedding bells with Ben at her side.

“Who Should Be the Judge” was a very good episode. While Natalie and Crockett’s storyline was a good thrill; even adding Jay was good too. I worry that this could start up something between the characters that I really don’t think should go be. The family reunion that really wasn’t was a very good story and a nice twist at the end that really was heartwarming. The episode had good writing and good character development. Overall, I give this episode an 8.5/10.

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