The Owl House (S01E09) “Something Ventured, Someone Framed”


The loop tonight’s The Owl House threw me in was hilarious. The thing that surprised me the most is what always does: characters. Was chaos sown by one character’s ignorance of humanity? In fashion, will Eda’s chaotic nature contribute to Luz’s education? I’ll tell you all. (Ahead: Spoilers.)

Human Appreciation Society

Hexside School has been Luz’s (Sarah-Nicole Robles) Endgame goal pretty ever since she first arrived in this wonderful land. Her agenda collides and aligns with multiple characters now. Interrogation of these agenda reveals much about these characters, especially Eda (Wendie Malick). The person with the most dangerous agenda is Mattholomule, Gus’ rival and Bonesborough’s Donald Trump in Training.

Mattholomule has his introduction during a meeting of Gus’ Human Appreciation Society to show human artifacts. The loyalty of the Society is what Mattholomule is vying for as he pawns off rubbish he found as genuine artifacts. This person is the type that will manipulate you into thinking taped leaves are a high-end shoe. The group is quickly drawn to Mattholomule as well as their vote for new president. The call for a new president leads to acting president Gus to concoct a plan.

Hexside School

It’s unknown how Eda and King (Alex Hirsch) became the rebels who we met in the pilot, but episodes like this help fill in the blanks. Eda has always had a wariness towards Hexside that she has struggled because of Luz constantly striving for an education in magic. Now all her feelings have to come to a boil as Luz inadvertently finds herself sneaking into Hexside School for Gus.

These complicated emotions are what grounds things. They made these characters three-dimensional, which allows them to cut loose with any weirdness they want and this episode was no exception. The back and forth between the three leads enriches the show’s world. The town of Bonesborough becomes colored by Eda’s opinions on certain aspects. Out of all the characters, Eda knows Bonesborough best. Eda’s mind is an enigma that we get some clarity on as she deals with Luz’s shenanigans.

Razzle Dazzle

School husband Gus needs something snazzy to get the Society to support him again. Times like these call for desperate measure from well-meaning Gus. Reason based? Him and Luz have never been sensible. Rebels to the core, Luz and Gus will do anything for each other as well as their other friend Willow. This affiliation works in Gus’ favor as he lies to get Luz to visit the Society. Time will tell how this works out but Willow instantly doesn’t approve. Talking among themselves, Gus convinces Willow not to tell on him. I expected Gus to crumble from peer pressure but I did not expect to see Willow go along with this plan and it gives Willow interesting layers.

Luz disrupted Hexside School so much last time she visited, that she got banned from ever visiting it again. To endure Eda’s antics for so many years, and then to have a human wreak havoc, that is an understandable reaction. They’re alive, though, so Luz deserves mercy and given another chance and that is exactly what Gus says Hexside did. Today, Luz will learn that even in Bonesborough people you trust, like can sometimes let you down as Gus lies to her.

The plan is to hide Luz under a cloak, which Gus says is the new school rule. Gus’ advantage is that Luz is very trusting. Mattholomule is jealous when Gus introduces Luz to the Human Appreciation Society. The business person Mattholomule decides to get rid of them. They resist getting into any noticeable trouble, but can Luz and Gus find their way out of the principal finding out about their scheme from this jerk? This problematic situation worsens when Luz learns that Gus lied to her face. They’ll become brainwashed in detention hell unless they can learn to work together.

Exchange Student

Eda, meanwhile, has a change of heart about Luz attending Hexside. Now, Eda is sitting in the principal’s office just like the old days to convince him of Luz’s virtues. Her attempt gets off to a rocky start since she can’t shake her outlaw tendencies. The box that Eda finds herself in is hard to break out from right away. Down to the wire, Eda comes up with her own plan.

Her nature usually is selfish but not now. Sequences of Eda making up for past sins convinces Principal Bump of Luz. The hell that is Hexside’s detention allows Luz to forgive Gus and make their way out. Gus’ stand for Luz’s character, in addition to Eda’s efforts, convinces Bump to let Luz attend Hexside school. Time will tell if Luz winds up with Eda’s reputation or if she will learn from Eda’s past mistakes.