9-1-1 (S03E11) “Seize the Day”

All is well when it ends well.

9-1-1 is back after a long hiatus and, of course, here I am to talk about it. As per usual, I’m late with the post, but you already know me so you weren’t expecting otherwise, right? What I was not expecting, though, was for this episode to be so happy. And that makes me happy to talk about it!

buck and eddie suit up 9 1 1 season 3 episode 11 - 9-1-1 (S03E11) "Seize the Day"

So, 9-1-1’s comeback episode was all about Howie. I feel like every once in a while we dive deeper into this character’s life and, even though I love all the craziness of the cases that they respond to, I love getting to know more and more about the characters – it’s what makes this series feel real!

This time Howie’s brother (or should I say half-brother) Albert, from Korea, shows up out of nowhere. This brings up a lot of repressed feelings from Howie. Not only this guys is a total stranger but he kind of resents him for having a family. It also didn’t help that he showed up on Howie’s birthday.

This whole thing makes you feel conflicted. On one side you agree with Howie – he’s a stranger and he always had what Howie wanted. On the other hand it’s not like Albert got to choose. Besides, he’s a good kid and he only meant well. All of this is brought up and there’s a huge fight (as we should be expecting) but, needless to say that, by the end of the episode, Howie came to his senses and apologized to Albert and… I guess Albert is going to stay for a while?! Let’s see what his character brings to the show.

But of course, 9-1-1 isn’t 9-1-1 without some crazy injuries. The episode actually opens up  with the team responding to a flight instructor that was just dangling of an airplane. Pretty crazy, but not as crazy as a guy swallowing an alive fish or a guy running over a bank teller and getting this bank teller with is guts hanging out of his body. Overall, this episode was pretty gross in terms of injuries. However, it did have a pretty cute one – a guy that was hit in the throat by a pipe and then getting noticed by his crush and this guy’s friends helping him out on getting on with his crush (I hope you get what I’m saying). None of the injuries where as big as some previous ones, but they were still pretty crazy.

I guess the other main story of this episode was Michael and his brain cancer. I must say, I had completely forgotten about this plot so it was nice that they brought this right in this first episode after hiatus. And well, Michael was meant to have surgery, after radiation not working, but after a conversation with May, he decides to call off the surgery and just live his life and enjoy the good things, and not giving up, of course. This story-line wasn’t as strong, in my opinion, but let’s see where this leads.

Everything else about the episode were just happy moments. Buck getting a full bill of health from his doctor, Hen and Karen adopting a little kid, Maddie meeting Howie’s adoptive parents… It was all so cutesy that, to be honest, I’m afraid of what they will bring us next episode.

Until then, let us know all your thoughts on this episode and I’ll catch you up on the next one – Monday, March 23 at 8/7c on FOX.