Bob Hearts Abishola (S01E18) “Sock Wife”

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Bob hearts Abishola returned this week with another very captivating episode. To catch up on previous week’s review, click here. 

This episode introduces Bob’s ex-wife. Yeah, that one. The one who cheated on him with his best friend. Who better to break the news to Abishola than Kemi? Kemi is on rounds delivering food and getting to know the patients when she discovers Lorraine (Nicole Sullivan) is Bob’s ex-wife. Like the dutiful friend she is, kemi runs down several flight of stairs (Chuck Lorre loves his stairs) to pass this news to Abishola. She is out of breath upon getting to Abishola and can only let out the words “Sock Wife”.

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Abishola, Gloria and Kemi make their way to Lorraine’s room despite several protests from Abishola. While they are peeking through, Kemi pushes Abishola into the room, forcing her to make conversation with Lorraine. Lorraine confesses that she knows who Abishola really is and expresses remorse for what she did to Bob. Later that night, Abishola informs Bob that Lorraine is in the hospital and he expresses some sort of satisfaction. Abishola reproves him for his behavior and insists that he forgives her.

Bob pays Lorraine a visit the next day. She says Charlie (Bob’s childhood friend with whom she cheated with) left her for a younger woman and she was broke. Bob end up hugging her before leaving. Kemi sees this and again runs down several flights of stairs to inform Abishola. Later at lunch, Bob tells Abishola that he does not feel as much anger towards Lorraine as he used to. Abishola makes Bob pray for Lorraine, assuring him that constant prayer will help him forget and forgive Lorraine.

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Meanwhile, Kofo and Christina are working together, renaming socks to sound more appealing to buyers. The two form an unlikely bond. Goodwin is not very happy with this new relationship. He reprimands kofo and reports the pair to the HR manager Douglas. Douglas advises Christina not to pursue any further, citing his own instance where his mother had to nuy the lady a food truck.

The episode ends with Abishola taking Kemi’s place and running down the same flights of stairs after Lorraine hinted at her trying to get Bob back.

I really got a lot of laughs from this episode. We got a taste of Bob’s past and got to see Abishola experience jealousy. I am also really excited to see how the writers handle the Kofo and Christina situation.

I give the episode a definite 9/10.

Bob Hearts Abishola returns March 30 2020 on CBS.

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