Interview with Nicole Maines: Supergirl’s Dreamer

Hey everybody, I had the pleasure of interviewing with Nicole Maines. You might know her for her role in Supergirl as Nia Nal aka Dreamer.

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Photo by: Katie Yu/The CW

We speak to Nicole about everything on Nia aka Dreamer, take a look!

1) Back when you were first casted as Nia, did you feel any pressure at all?

A) Of course there was pressure. There’s always a pressure to perform in any role I take, but especially with Nia, because there hadn’t been anyone like her on television before. You want to always play your characters as real and three dimensional, but with Nia I was afraid to show her flaws and potentially ugly sides of her because the character means so much to so many people, and I didn’t want to tarnish her image in anyone’s eyes. But I realized that it’s worse to portray someone as perfect and flawless because that’s not real. That’s not how people are, and I think that people will get a lot more out of Nia if she’s presented as human, or, well, half-human.

2) Knowing that Nia is not at all in the comics but her I think descendant or many greats granddaughter is, did it give you a lot of freedom to do what you wanted with the character?

A) Yeah I did. Of course to prepare for the role I still dig through a bunch of legion of superheroes comics to get a feel for who Nura is and to kind of design Nia around this idea that Nura, as a confident, fully realized Naltorian, was going to be the “point B” for Nias arc. I wanted it to feel like Nia was point A And Nura was point B. But somewhere along the way Nia evolved and as I got to know her character, I realized that her “point b” wasn’t Nura at all. It was Dreamer, and Dreamer and Dream Girl aren’t the same hero. And that’s how it should be.


3) Because you are playing a transgender superhero, do you feel like you are able to give hope to others in the transgender community? (example: inspire them to follow their dreams)

A) Haha I see what you did there. And I certainly hope so. I know that playing Nia and getting to watch her growth as an actor has been insanely rewarding, so I hope that other people feel the same way. The response from fans has been so positive, and the messages have been so touching, so I do think that people are being made hopeful. Seeing this kind of representation in the face of an administration that tries to erase us is very affirming, and I know it give me a lot of hope.

4) When you got the role in Supergirl as Nia Nul, did you ever buy or borrow any comics that had Nura Nul’s stories in them and read them? Or Did you only do research online about the character to get an understanding about where Nia might come from?

A) Oh yeah. DC sent me a ton of comic books for me to dig through. And when I finished those I went online and read more detailed histories of the character and her different incarnations. I’m very excited to see what happens with her character in these new Legion of Superheroes comics that just came out.

5) Now that you’ve had your experience with your first crossover and given that it was the biggest of the biggest so far and the earth has been renewed do you think we might see Nia/Dreamer come onto either Flash or Batwoman or Legends and help those heroes out with cases in future episodes or seasons?

A) That would be an absolute Dream come true. And with all of us being on the same earth now, I’d have to imagine that anything is possible. I would LOVE to get to pop into another show and help them with all their future-seeing-needs.


6) This comes to my next question, which superhero in the Arrowverse would you want to team up with if you had a saying in it for future seasons?

A) I think it would be really cool to see a Dreamer/Batwoman/White Canary/Alex Danverse team up. We could be called the Queeroes.


7) Do you think Nia and Brainy will ever get back together?

A) I certainly hope so. I think there’s a lot left to explore in their relationship, and as of right now we haven’t really seen them very happy together. Everything’s always been with the cloud of miscommunication and worry hanging over it. I’d like to see them finally get on the same page and get to be happy for a while. With him being a Twelfth-Level Intellect and her seeing the future, I feel like, together, there’s nothing they couldn’t do.


8) In this recent episode of Supergirl, we had Winn come back and he showed Nia more cool things she can do with her powers, do you think Winn will teach Nia how to do some of those cool things?

A) I think he did yeah. We didn’t get to see any further interactions with him and Nia, but I’m willing to bet that he taught her a trick or two before he went back to the future.


9) Do you think you can tease anything about the next episode of Supergirl to us?

A) This next episode of Supergirl is going to see Alex exploding superheroics in Obsidian Platinum, and it wouldn’t be good tv if something didn’t go as planned…


10) Last question cause I know you’re a busy lady, if you could spend an entire day with anyone on the cast of Supergirl, who would it be and why?

A) An entire day? I often do spend a lot of time with the cast, especially the ladies, when we aren’t working but probably most frequently, since we live so close, is Staz. He comes over and we do 48-track Mario Kart marathons. It gets intense.