Will & Grace (S11E15) “Broadway Boundaries”

Each character in Will & Grace has evolved, becoming well-rounded people who are actually okay with life. They have been through so much over the past few years, and yet their friendship perseveres through it all. Bigger things are coming, and life is moving fast. (Spoilers Ahead)

Boy? Girl? Other?

Will (Eric McCormack) and Grace (Debra Messing) hold a gender reveal breakfast, using balloons as their catalysts to bring good news to the rest of the world. Will has a long-winded spiel planned, good thing Karen (Megan Mullally) doesn’t have time for that sentimental nonsense. She unceremoniously pops the balloon, revealing that he is going to have a precious little girl. It’s a huge sense of relief to him, he wouldn’t know what to do with a boy.

willandgraces11e15 - Will & Grace (S11E15) “Broadway Boundaries”
Ready or not, here they go. (Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC)

Grace, on the other hand, gets cold feet. She doesn’t want to know what she is having, not at that moment. The anxiety gets the better of her, and she can’t bring herself to pop that balloon. She needs to get there at her own pace, in her own time. The world cannot pause for her indecision, as the rest of the friends break off to their respective, busy lives.

Take Me Out to the ball game

Karen and Jack (Sean Hayes) make their way to the championship game of her rag-tag, baseball team. Morale is questionable, and the nerves are high. It’s up to Karen to give them some extra gusto before going out there and playing the best game of their lives. Inspiring, Karen is not, but she has given her dear friend Jack some wonderful pep talks in her day, she uses those past experiences to envigorate her players. It surprisingly works.

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Karen and Jack make quite the pair. (Photo: IMDB)

An unexpected text interrupts the moment, as Jack gets word that he has a shot at getting into an actual Broadway musical. This is something he has been wanting for so many years, and his dream may come true. In not so true Jack form, his worries get the better of him. What if he isn’t cut out for Broadway? Karen is having none of his dramatics, instead, she gives him exactly what he needs. Support and friendship.

The two of them have had such an interesting relationship throughout the years. They have always been there for each other, and it isn’t’ stopping now. Karen would never give up on her friend, nor would he do the same to her. Jack makes Karen believe in unlimited possibilities when the rest of the world seems so dire. Together, they will face the unknown and the highly anticipated world of Broadway.

Boundaries, not so much

Will, has a tendency to overlook boundaries. He doesn’t see Jenny (Demi Lovato) as just a “business” transaction, and acts accordingly, whether she likes it or not. He cares and worries about her well being, and doesn’t know how to separate those emotions. When she pushes away from him, it adds the unwanted urge to protect her from potential bad decisions (like an ex she just can’t quit).

This is where the newly outed Dr. DiLorenzo (Chris Parnell) comes into play. His call comes at just the right time, and Will takes advantage of the moment, arranging a meeting where Jenny just so happens to be eating lunch. He’s too distracted to give proper attention to his “date”, and it doesn’t take him long to garner the attention of Jenny, who is not impressed.

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A much-needed heart-to-heart. (Photo: Google)

This isn’t Jenny’s first rodeo, she has formed deep connections with these people, who drop her as soon as the child is born, but Will isn’t like that. He has spent the majority of his life being told that he would never be a father, and now that he has this chance, he is more than grateful. She is more than just an incubator, she is his friend, and there is no getting around that. He isn’t going anywhere, it’s something new for the two of them, but I think it will end in both of their favours.

Happy Times, All around

Grace’s anxieties lead her down an unwanted road, questioning her ability to raise either a boy or a girl. She chooses to release her balloon, instantly regretting it. She wants to know, but is it too late? Even a call to the doctor’s office doesn’t give her the answer she wants so desperately. It doesn’t matter that if it’s a boy or a girl, she will be a good mom to either. Thankfully, the balloon finds its way back to her, giving her the much needed “reveal”.

willandgraces11e154 - Will & Grace (S11E15) “Broadway Boundaries”
Friends Forever. (Photo: Screenshot)

Good things are happening for them all. Before Grace to give her friends the good news, they each have their own happiness to share. Jack got the part on Broadway. Karen’s Baseball team won the championship, although she doesn’t really care about that. Good Thing Friday (Vanessa Bayer), or should I say, Amy, is ready to take on the team. It’s time for Karen to move on anyway.

So. What is Grace having?

A Boy!

It’s all becoming so real. As long as they have each other, it won’t be so bad.

Closing Thoughts

This was a feel-good episode that was much needed, especially with the current state of the world. Their friendship, although tested, remains solid. There are only a few more episodes left, will they all get their moment to shine? I sure hope so.

You can catch a new episode of Will & Grace, Thursday, April 9 on NBC at 9/8c.

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