Bull (S04E17) “The Invisible Woman”

“The Invisible woman” is a doctor, specializing  in anthrax research.  She is accused of murder by mail, as a series of anthrax attacks terrorizes the city. 

Our story begins when a “Happy Birthday” card is opened. A white powder is sprayed . 7 days later, the receipent is coughing up blood. She’s hospitalized.  cdc.gov  is called.  Later it’s 2 dead and an anthrax scare.  Manhatten is ground zero.

Roger Simpkins( Robert Montano) speaks in an interview.  The government has cut their research funding. He doesn’t sound happy.  Right here, we know what’s up. But I watched for confirmation anyway 

Simpkins employee , Natalie Reznik( Brooke Bloom) is arrested.  She uses TAC as a  part of a Federal “help the people” program.  They signed up so long ago, no one remembers doing it! 

Evidence is circumstantial and with  “Detective Myopia” all efforts go into making the pieces fit the suspect.  Disgruntled emails,  incriminating evidence in her apartment and her bleached lab,  make Natalie, the  perfect and only suspect!  The Anthrax Queen and Doctor of death is on trial  for murder and terrorism. 

Sidebar: Bleach kills anthrax?  I never knew!

 Danny and Taylor look for another suspect and find him.  It’s what they do. Benny Colòn is love!  It’s  the  usual  team brillance with the obvious conclusion aforementioned 

It was an episode, “for entertainment only”  Yet no doubt, it makes us think about what’s happening now. 

Biological and Chemical weapons can only be seen in their ravaging  effects on/in the body.  It is frightening and scary, especially when “what if”  controls our thoughts

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…and I really mean that!