Top 10 #OneChicago Crossover Episodes

What were the Top 10 Best #OneChicago Crossovers? Here’s a list of the best!

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The Chicago series has been around for eight years and while we’ve had three out of the four still on the air and being part of the Law & Order universe; maybe this would be a great time to do a Top 10 list of the best Chicago Crossover episodes that include SVU.

Let me just say that this is my list of what I consider to be the best crossover episodes. There will not be any mention of the backdoor pilots; because it was a one episode event and not two series or more. And the recent crossover (Feb.26) won’t be on the list as this list was being made before it aired. So let’s begin.

10. Chicago Fire-Chicago PD “A Dark Day”/”8:30 PM” 

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This was the crossover that started it all with a two-night event. When Chicago Med gets bombed during a fundraiser; Gabby is trapped and while Casey and the rest of the 51 not only try to rescue her and others.  Boden and Mills stop a second bomb from going off. Voight and the team come in and learn the stakes that this is an act of revenge against Chicago’s finest. And Burgress’s niece’s life hangs in the balance.

That was such a huge event seeing the promo and getting ready for it. I still get chills from seeing Voight going after the suspect yelling out “I want him alive” and start shooting at him. This episode event had me, even more, wanting a Chicago Med series with Dylan Baker as a badass doctor saving Burgess’ niece.

9. Chicago Fie-Law & Order: SVU-Chicago PD “Nobody Touches Anything”/”Chicago Crossover”/”They’ll Have to Go Through Me”

When Severide and Firehouse 51 rescue the owner of a house that’s on fie; Severide finds a suspicious box that leads to Voight and team to team up with SVU. They take down a child pornography ring that also reunites Erin with her brother.

This was the first three show crossover that added another depth into the crossover with a powerful story and amazing performance from Sophia Bush. Bush and Mariska Hargitay sharing scenes felt like the passing of the baton to the next strong actress in the crime drama.

8. Chicago PD-Chicago Fire “Profiles”/”Hiding Not Seeking”

Why not celebrate the 100th episode of Chicago PD with a crossover event with Chicago Fire, right? When Trudy goes on a local television program a bomb goes off in the middle of the interview. Voight and team investigate to learn that the suspect is seeking revenge on the media for what they had done to him. Voight gets 51 to help and event stop the suspect from harming others.

This was a close second in the Fire-PD crossover event episodes that I really enjoyed with the ripped from the headlines type of story. A real on the edge of your seat story with some amazing moments; one of them being Jay Halstead driving a motorcycle like a badass superhero.

7. Chicago Fire-Chicago Med-Chicago PD: “The Beating Heart”/”Malignant”/”Now I’m God”

It’s the first three-show two-night crossover event that got started at the end of the season four fall finale of Chicago Fire when Herrmann gets stabbed. While Herrmann’s life is in balance; 51 gets called to house fire of a cancer patient but the doctors at Chicago Med learn that not only that patient. But a multiple like her that were diagnosis for cancer but never had it.  Voight and team investigate but learn that the suspect doctor happened to be the one that took care of Voight’s late wife.

While this was the first crossover with all three shows, it was a powerful story all the way through. While each show had its moments, it was Chicago PD that saved the best for last when we learn that the doctor that treated all these patients that didn’t have cancer took care of Voight’s wife. Jason Beghe gives a stunning performance.

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6. Chicago Fire-Chicago Med-Chicago PD: “Going to War”/”When to Let Go”/”Endings” 

This was the crossover that we had hoped for since we learned that all three shows will air on the same night for the season. When Firehouse 51 gets called an apartment fire in the city while trying to save the residents; things took a hit on the chin when Jay was looking for his dad, Otis sees a mother and baby die and Kidd sacrifices her life to save Severide that sent her to Med. While at Med, Will, and Jay lose their father. Dr. Charles tries to help Otis from his PTSD. Chicago PD takes over to find the suspect that started the fire, while Halie and Voight think that Jay isn’t stable to help, he goes on his own and stops and kills the suspect.

This came close to being like a movie event. For the first episode of the crossover, in the beginning, it felt like a salute to the city of Chicago. This whole event felt it belong to Jesse Lee Soffer, who gives a stunning performance. That scene of Otis seeing that mother and baby died in the elevator from the fire was so powerful. Heck, that scene of 51 trying to save Kidd on-site was powerful too. While this crossover is ranked at number six, wait till you see the top five.

5. Chicago Fire-Chicago PD: “Three Bells”/“A Little Devil Complex”

After Firehouse 51 lost a well-beloved member at the beginning of the third season. After a string of fires, Dawson and Severide team up to investigate these fires that turned out to be arson made and there was a connection to Shay’s death. While they couldn’t prove it, Dawson brings in the big guns of Antiono and Intelligence. The suspect gets under Voight and the team’s skin after blowing up Burgess and Roman’s squad car. After learning who this guy is, Dawson becomes the new target.

While this was a two-night crossover event, it should have been a one-night event. This was such an emotional episode from Chicago Fie’s standpoint as in the end they honored Shay’s life in a way that still gives me chills and the waterworks going. This arsonist was terrifying. Stong story, well-performed from the cast. These crossover episodes took a step up from the previous crossover episodes.

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4. Law & Order SVU-Chicago PD “Nationwide Manhunt”/“The Song of Gregory William Yates”

Criminal mastermind Gregory Yates escapes New York State prison and gets Voight and team to help with SVU of the manhunt. Yates plays to Lindsay’s mind and follows him back to Chicago, where they have a standoff that could end deadly.

While this was a second chapter of the creepy criminal Gregory Yates; I didn’t know this was going to be a crossover. Once again Sophie Bush gives a stunning performance and the ending to this story leaves you on the edge of your seat with goosebumps.

3. Chicago Fire-Chicago PD-Law & Order SVU: “We Called Her Jellybean”/“The Number of Rats”/”Daydream Believer” 

When Firehouse 51 gets called to an apartment fire that has a connection to a case of attempted rape and murder in Chicago. It just so happens to resemble an unsolved case in New York. This leads Voight and team teaming up with Benson and SVU where they meet with the man that every One Chicago fan knows, Gregory Yates. Yates, the modern-day Ted Bundy, starts with his fascination with Erin Lindsay. Just when Lindsay got the drop on him, he takes a step further by taking someone close to Erin and Intelligence.

Like #5, this crossover plays with all the emotions and thrills. And it marks the second time a supportive character gets killed on Chicago PD. That was so heartbreaking!!!

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2. Chicago Fire-Chicago PD-Chicago Justice: “Deathtrap”/“Emotional Proximity”/”Fake”

A Ripped from the Headlines episode of a fie of a complex/warehouse building leads Firehouse 51 to a dangerous rescue, while Chicago Med tries to save as many lives as they can. Voight and the team learn that the fire was arson while Al watches his daughter die after Will and Natalie try to save her. It introduces Chicago Justice takes down the suspect for his revenge on a girl that dumped him.

This was literally a four-show crossover event with Med being in-between Fire and PD. When this crossover aired it felt like a giant event tv-movie of the week type of thing. The beginning of Chicago Fie just took my breath away as they get going and head towards to scene of the fire. And during PD, you knew you were hoping that Al would go full Voight on the suspect. And while Justice got a mixed reaction; I’d enjoyed the show but they could tweak it more.

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1. Chicago Fire-Chicago Med-Chicago PD: “Infection”

When a deadly bacteria has been spread in Chicago; Chicago’s finest tries to stop it before more people can get infected. It’s basically the Chicago movie that we’ve been waiting for with the suspense, thrills, scares and even action. Once it started there’s no point in stopping in the middle whatsoever. This crossover was the best crossover One Chicago has done since they had started. And at the end of the event, there’s a heartwarming message that really holds up to what’s going on right now.

What’s your Top 10 One Chicago Crossover episodes? Leave a comment and tell us your Top 10.

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