Grey’s Anatomy (S16E18) “Give a Little Bit”

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This weeks episode of greys, despite feeling a lot like a filler,had several hints of new storylines that will be coming up later this season. Here are some moments that stuck out for me this week and things I would like to see in upcoming episodes:

Jo moving on

There were several (not at all subtle) hints showing us that Jo (Camila Luddington) is moving on from her divorce and Alex’s sudden exit. Admittedly it did hurt seeing her take her wedding ring off and no longer referring to herself as Dr Karev, it’s good to see her trying to find her feet gain and adapting to her life without Alex. I particularly found it interesting how she does not want to refer to herself as dr Wilson, so seems like this is going to be a particularly new start for Jo, one that will hopefully be very exciting and refreshing to watch.

Does Teddy have PTSD?

I couldn’t help but notice this week that were several mentions of PTSD in relation to Teddy (Kim Raver). Some of my favourite scenes this week were shared between Teddy and her patient who’s an ex-soldier, differing from PTSD. It was nice to see Teddy bonding with her patient over their war experiences. It felt like a breath of fresh air to see that side of Teddy’s character again, especially since she has returned to the hospital her only storylines have revolved around this awful and slow love triangle!

This weeks scenes with the patient led me to make a couple of connections to the way Teddy is currently behaving. It’s more than evident that Teddy is acting extremely out of character at he moment; from getting caught up in infidelity, being unnecessarily rude to Amelia (seriously why can’t these two just be friends already) and she doesn’t seem to be coping well in general. Is all this behaviour due to Teddy’s ptsd?? It would make perfect sense as it’s something that’s never been properly addressed, despite many hints of her struggle ever since she first joined the show in season 6! This storyline would be great for her character and finally a storyline outside of Owen (Kevin McKidd) and a chance for Kim Raver to finally shine!

Possible victim of sex trafficking

A very tense storyline that featured in this weeks episode, was Deluca (Giacomo Gianniotti) suspecting that one of his patients was a victim of sex trafficking, when a young girl came in with her aunt and appeared to behave rather strangely. Deluca went to extreme lengths to try and warn doctors at the hospital including Bailey (Chandra Wilson), who saw no signs of suspicious behaviour sternly instructed Deluca to go home. However, Delcuca is not giving up, and continues to cause havoc at the hospital ignoring many people’s advice.

This has now led to Deluca being suspended, but informing Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) that he will only accept the suspension if she investigated the situation further, to which she has agreed to. At the end of the episode we witness the ‘auntie’ acting maliciously to the young girl whilst they are walking out of the hospital, suggesting that Deluca was possibly right after all! If the sex trafficking storyline gets further explored in the show, it will for sure be a very difficult watch but is an incredibly important topic so would be very impactful for a mainstream show like this to spread awareness to it!

What i’d like to see going forward

– MORE FEMALE FRIENDSHIPS: I am sick of seeing Teddy and Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) argue for absolutely no reason! Please can these two form a beautiful friendship, Amelia could possibly help Teddy through her PTSD?? With everything Jo is going through right now she really needs some good pals, so please can the writers step up and create some good female dynamic like we used to have on the show!
– More Carina: Stefania Spampinato is a great addition to the show! She has such a fascinating on screen presence so it would be great if the show would use her more ! At the moment her only appearances seem to be when Deluca is on the verge of a breakdown, so would be great if the show gave her a storyline of her own. There’s so many new male characters that keep coming in and taking over the screen time, so the show is in desperate need for some new badass women, starting with Carina!

I’ll see you all next week for my next episode review!