Legacies (S02E15) “Life Was so Much Easier When I Only Cared About Myself”

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Deaths, Resurrections, Betrayals and Merges are served in right proportions on this episode of legacies.

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The show took a new turn in this episode. Thanks to Dark Josie, we now know that the merge can be accelerated. While Alaric, Kaleb and hope were trying to find a way to save Josie without having to harm her, Josie walks right into the school. She plans her birthday with the help of her minions and goes on to inform Hope and Lizzie about the merge (“finger foods at 7:30 and merge at say 8”).

Dark Josie scares Lizzie and for good reason. She’s powerful and without remorse. Lizzie consults Alyssa, who tells her that she needs to stop trying to save Josie if she needs to win. Josie shows up and kills Alyssa. We do see Alyssa alive-ish and part of Josie’s entourage. Not surprising tho, in a show filled with dead, undead and magic. Plus given the history of its parents show where no one is ever truly dead.

The episode spends a lot of time focused on Hope and MG trying to convince Lizzie to take part in the merge. Hope has a plan to save both of the Saltzman twins. But she needs Lizzie to win in order for her plan to work. Lizzie however runs away when she Josie kills Alyssa and MG goes after her.

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Elsewhere, we see Raf unravel the mystery that has been eating at him since he was rescued from the woods. Last week, I guessed that Raf is dead and was brought back to be the Necromancer’s puppet. He begs Landon to kill him but Landon refuses. Raf has had a rather unfulfilling arch throughout the series. We do not yet know if this is the end of his character but we ‘hope’ not. While him and Landon share a hug, Raf fulfils the prophecy (see Prophecy). He stabs Landon with the golden arrow as instructed by The Necromancer.

Meanwhile, Josie and The Necromancer are working together and he becomes her hype-man for the merge. That whole scene was very confusing for me. The students seemed rather too excited to see their school mates absorb one another. The writers need to work on audience reaction for the show. Honestly.

Anyway, With Lizzie off having an epiphany with MG, Hope shows up to battle Josie. the two battle for a while and Lizzie shows up for the merge. We see Josie seemingly consume Lizzie and declares herself winner. MG reveals that Hope is in  the mind of Dark Josie to try and save the Josie we know. Also, Lizzie’s life was was linked to Landon’s (Very Vampire Diaries) so that she cannot die as long as he is alive. Although with an arrow of doom in his guts, I do not know how well this plan is working. Also, how long Hope can sneak about Josie’s mind before she is discovered and expelled? I have so many question. I hope they are answered in next week’s episode which seems to be the finale given the situation with the Corona Virus.

In all, I think the episode fared well.  A  definite 7/10 for me. It was entertaining enough for me to continue watching.

A few questions; How long before Hope can bring back Josie? What will become of Raf? Is Landon dead or will he become of The Necromancer’s minions as well? When are we going to see Candice King as Caroline on Legacies?

Legacies returns 26th March, 2020. Until then, stay safe, stay isolated, stay healthy!!!

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