Batwoman(S01E16) “Through the Looking-Glass”

Alright my readers this episode was a great one! It’s one that brought not only our hero into a dark place but also her assistant. It was a fun Gotham ride tonight so let’s get to this review!

So in this episode Alice (Rachel Skarsten) was needing to find Mouse (Sam Littlefield) before he hurts other people. Kate/Batwoman (Ruby Rose) is also having a dilemma of her own. Feeling guilty about the life she had taken, probably hearing the voice of Old Earth-90 Bruce (Kevin Conroy) tell her about taking a life and how he couldn’t stop. I’m sure Kate would still be suffering from this if it wasn’t for this episode. But at least they were able to fix everything so that Kate can continue being the hero of the story.

Meanwhile, Luke (Camrus Johnson) got word that his father’s supposedly killer was being released from prison today. But no one arranged it, not even Jacob (Dougray Scott) who was still trying to do a new investigation of Lucius Fox murder. However someone or something erased all real evidence, but who? And why? Well Sophie (Meagan Tandy) chose to help and got a target on her back so now she’s on a very large hit list.

Whoever wanted to hurt Batman all those years ago by killing Lucius. That person is trying to take out everyone who knows the truth. The truth is Reggie (Seth Whittaker) was just an easy prey to use to frame the poor guy for the murder. But that list of who wanted the tech genius dead is a real long list. After all, any comic story always reveals that there’s a lot of Batman villains that knows about Lucius helping Batman.

The list goes from as high as Joker all the way to the lowest of the list which would be between Anarky and Calandar Man. They all figured it out about Lucius involvement, but who really made the hit on him?  My guess is it had to be Joker or someone. Whoever it is, is still alive and wanting all loose ends to be eliminated.

Honestly this episode brought us so many feels, it helped me forget about my problems. And now in these dark times we need episodes like this to help all of us have an escape from the reality of our world. It’s a phenomenal episode and I hope you all enjoyed it as much as me!

Next Episode: Batwoman(S01E17) “A Narrow Escape” airs Sunday March 29, 2020 (or I hope so) at 8/7c on The CW