RuPaul’s Drag Race (S12E04) “The Ball Ball”


Welcome back for another week of RuPaul’s Drag Race! We are starting to get into the meat of the season now that the first Queen has gone home. There tends to be a shift in how seriously everyone takes the competition once the first elimination happens. Some contestants can get pretty intense sometimes that’s for sure.

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Thankfully the show generally keeps things light, like with this weeks mini challenge. The bee challenge was so fun! I love when they do these silly dance offs, it really lets the Queens show their personality. I also imagine it’s a nice release for them since they are cooped up being sequestered. 

This weeks maxi challenge was another recurring type we get every season; a Look Ball. This years theme is, well, balls! As mentioned in the episode, the challenge is inspired by the ballroom scene that originated in New York City. It’s a key part of LGBTQ+ history and I’m glad it still gets spotlight. It’s also really nice that we get to see so many looks in one episode!

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The highlights for me were definitely Rock M Sakura, Jan, Crystal, and Gigi . Bottoms were Aiden, Brita, and by default Sherry Pie (though I won’t lie I lived for that Trunchbull reference). It was extra nice having Leslie Jones on the panel, she really brought a release of humour that was refreshing. She was also very honest with the Queens, which was also great. You can tell she’s a fan of the show but didn’t let that influence her judging.

Now as for the lip sync, I did not agree with the bottom two. I definitely didn’t agree with who went home. Rock M has so much talent, and it should have been Aiden in her place. It’s pretty clear that the other Queens felt the same. I’m not saying I dislike Aiden, it’s just that she isn’t performing at the level of the others. I hope she either steps up or gets sent home. I hate when good queens go home early and sub par ones stay. At least this weeks lip sync was amazing. Brita really turned it out, and Rock M put on a damn good fight.