Supergirl(S05E16) “Alex Wonderland”

Hey everyone, I know we are living in times that are hard because of the virus that’s isolated all of us. But let’s talk about an escape from reality in this review. So let’s get to it!

So in this episode Alex (Chyler Leigh) had thought she was done grieving over Jeremiah’s (Dean Cain) death like seasons ago but no. Instead it was rushed all the way back to the surface. And Alex couldn’t handle it, even with everyone wanting be at her side. She couldn’t control the emotions.

So Alex used Obsidian to escape from reality to fantasize her being Supergirl. Which I still think is why they might use her experience to transform her into Superwoman. But in this episode at least we got to see what it would be like if Alex was Supergirl and how it would be if Kara (Melissa Benoist) was the helpless sister.

Even though it sounds like paradise, Alex became a victim to not being able to escape the vr program. But as we know by now it’s Leviathan that’s making the program glitch. But what is Leviathan doing this for? Is it to control the human population? I guess we will find out soon enough.

Speaking of victims, Alex in the program met a real nice character Bonnie (Anne Hollister) who had a real sad reality. It would make sense why she wouldn’t want to leave the VR program. But sometimes we have to face reality, face the things that hurt us the most. It’s not easy, it’s always going to be hard. But I hope Alex continues to look for Bonnie, she seems like the kind of person who would become really good friends with Alex in the real world.

In a time of darkness and a time when people need to believe in hope. And need a escape to stop thinking about such troubles or stress. It’s all understandable that people need an escape from the news, corona virus, or anything and they need that escape. It’s nice if you do VR programs but if this episode did anything. It should teach you that too much virtual reality can be a bit bad for the people. You don’t want to lose yourself in not knowing what is reality and what isn’t. To people like me who are isolated from the world and places and friends I wish you all well.

If you know anyone who is fighting depression, even if it’s by a text or a phone call or an email. Always let them know you are there for them. You are willing to be that person who they can talk to.

I hope to see you guys next week but I’m also fearing we might have to wait it’s unclear.

Next Episode: Supergirl(S05E16) “Dues Lex Machina” airs (hopefully) Sunday March 29, 2020 at 9/8c on The CW