Chicago PD (S07E13-14) “I Was Here”/”Center Mass”

Missed out on episodes 13 and 14 of this season of Chicago PD? Here’s a recap!

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“I Was Here”

In one of the hardest episodes to watch, it was this season’s best episode.

As Burgess takes light duty as a 911 dispatch operator; she gets a call from a young woman who was in need of help. After letting it go, it turns out that the young woman was in need of help and was part of a human sex trafficking ring.

As Burgess takes a lead on this case, the circumstances don’t go well for her. As Burgess found where the woman was located and being by herself; she went in to save her. After taking some horrible beatings, the injured Burgess kills the suspect and saves the young woman. But as Ruzek gets Burgess to the hospital later that night she learns that she had lost the baby.

“I Was Here” was literally one of the most powerful episodes of the season. This episode had thrills but near the end when Burgess goes in without back up to help the victim was on the edge of your seat with your stomach turning in every way possible. Marina Squerciati gives one hell of the performance. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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“Center Mass”

Sometimes things don’t always go their way.

When a former caseworker from Rojas’s past asks for a favor to find a homeless man; it leads to her and the Intelligence to investigate the homeless man’s murder. But as the investigation moves forward the team learns that they’re pursuing a cop killer who had killed the homeless man for his identity.

But when Rojas finds a witness; not only useful but hard to handle due to being a paranoid schizophrenic. It doesn’t end well with both the suspect and the witness.

“Center Mass” was a good episode and one that has a good character development for Vanessa Rojas. The character uses her past experience to help the witness to find the murderer and to help him get well. And you can see from Voight’s point of view that this case will be difficult for her, even at the end. Overall, I give this episode an 8.5/10.

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