Why YOU should be watching “A Discovery Of Witches”

One day when chatting with a friend, I’d asked her for a recommendation on an excellent series to watch. She started to describe to me (in detail) a well-written supernatural story. My friend also mentioned the romantic leads. “You haven’t seen anything like this in a long time.” Really? I figured I’d take her advice and give it a try. Let me say before I go further: You’ll be hooked!

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Aren’t you tired of the same old tropes? Man meets woman, and they fall in love, most of the time, we get an interloper in their story, only for them to break-up, when things are just starting to heat up? In this supernatural story, man (in this case, vampire) meets a woman (in this case, a witch), they instantly have an intense emotional connection and attraction. Good so far, right? Their chemistry is exhilarating, to put it bluntly.

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The Romance

It’s no contrast to those “generic” vampire characters and movies. Far from it in fact. Matthew Goode plays (Matthew Clairmont/de Clermont), who’s the perfect vampire ever. He’s tall, dark-haired, blue eyes, full of charisma, did I mention drop-dead gorgeous? Well, he is! Matthew brings that extra “Je Ne Said Quoi.” Teresa Palmer plays (Diana Bishop). A beautiful, fiery, headstrong, and intelligent witch. Did I forget to share? She is in a river named denial regarding her supernatural abilities. A “Shadow Prince” has been waiting for a millennium for his true love to arrive. One day on the campus of Oxford, she rows right by him under a bridge he’s standing above.

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Credit: Deborah Harkness

Deborah Harkness

The show creator is an actual Oxford scholar and well-known author. Deborah Harkness originally wrote the trilogy wondering if there was truth to these species, vampires, and witches. How would they exist in the human world? The painstaking research and detailed stories will take you to another place. It is shot all over the world in break-taking landscapes.

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Issues affecting everyone

They address issues that are affecting real people in the real world today. Although a bit differently, but for example, there are class systems. (Sound familiar to you?) We have the daemons (lower class), witches (middle class), and vampires (the upper class). When real people every day are dealing with these same socioeconomic issues.  The racial aspect of the series gives us a full palette of characters from all around the world. Our worlds are an ever-changing place, and we should embrace everyone, no matter what they are. People should not be judged on the color of their skin.

Top-notch cast!

I forget to mention the cast is top-notch from it leads to the supporting ensemble. Matthew Goode (Downton Abbey, The Crown), Teresa Palmer, (The Choice, Hacksaw Ridge), Lindsay Duncan (About Time, The Gifted), Alex Kingston (Dr. Who and ER), Edward Bluemel (Killing Eve, Sex Education), Owen Teale (Game of Thrones, Deep State), Trevor Eve ( Strike Back, Death Comes to Pemberley), Trystan Gravelle (The Terror, Beast ) Valarie Pettiford (The Blacklist, Bones), Aiysha Hart (Line of Duty, Colette), Elarica Johnson (Blade Runner 3, East Enders), Greg McHugh (Eddie, The A Word), Greg Chillin (DaVinci’s Demons, Being Human), Sorcha Cusack (Snatch, Father Browne), Malin Buska (The Girl King, The Lawyer). I didn’t mention every project they’ve done. I’d certainly be writing a book. Is that not an impressive ensemble cast?

The showrunners, writers, producers, directors, DoP, and crew are truly fantastic. Trust me when I tell you to check this series out, you’ll love it!

Season 1 of “A Discovery Of Witches” has aired in Europe as well as the US. You can find it on Shudder, Sundance Now, BBC, and AMC. The series is already available to purchase on DVD and to purchase from your cable providers. Season 2 will be airing sometime in the fall for in Europe and likely 2021 for the US. In the meantime, check it out, read the trilogy and watch the series.

Stay tuned for my reviews when the show is available to me in the US. Hopefully, sooner than later. Don’t forget to get all your latest reviews, interviews and news at TV Series Hub.