Good Girls(S03E06) “Frere Jacques”

The emotions and guilt are running at an all-time high on this week’s episode of Good Girls.  Our favorite criminal moms (Retta, Mae Whitman, Christina Hendricks) were gutted over the unnecessary death of sweet and harmless Lucy (Charlyne Yi).  She was innocent and didn’t deserve to die and now have to protect yet another innocent potential victim— her boyfriend Max (Wesam Kees).

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When Beth arrived at the card store, she was greeted by the owner Dorothy (Mary Jo Catlett), Max…and the police.  Hmmm…not sure how they’re going to print money now. Max filed a missing person report and since Beth was the last person to see her, they asked her some questions (she’s no stranger to the police).

A distraught Annie went back to seeing a therapist—not Dr. Josh Cohen(Rob Heaps), but the other Dr. Cohen (Bob Clendenin).  His strange obsession with perfume caused Annie to walkout.  She later went to see yet another therapist, but there was something off about her as well.  Honestly, Annie misses Dr. Cohen and they had a connection that was organic, and didn’t feel like pressure.  As Ben (Isaiah Standard) and Annie started looking for other therapists, Ben discovered someone with good reviews—Dr. Josh Cohen.  What are the chances?  Annie pleaded with Josh to take her back, showing vulnerability and a childlike innocence, which Dr. Cohen appreciated. Could there be a romance brewing?

Stan (Reno Wilson) is about to become a cop again…well, that’s what he hopes.  Ruby and Stan met with the review board and in Ruby fashion, didn’t disappoint.  She is good person at her core and hates seeing her husband suffer,  because he’s protecting her.  Also, Sara (Lidya Jewett) made her feel guilty about Stan having to arrest her at some point, once he becomes a cop again.  After the hearing, Stan was able to get his job back. That’s a good thing right? Well no…Stan felt like a fraud and decided he didn’t want it while his wife was still doing criminal things.

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GOOD GIRLS — “Frère Jacques” Episode 306 — Pictured: (l-r) Reno Wilson as Stan Hill, Retta as Ruby Hill — (Photo by: Jordin Althaus/NBC)

Beth, once again found herself at odds with Rio (Manny Montana).  Unable to fulfill his order, Rio implies an impending death for Max if his money doesn’t get printed.  Wanting to shield Max from such an ending, Beth tells Rio that she’ll find a way to print, since the store is on lockdown, since Lucy’s disappearance.

The girls decide the only way to save Max is by communicating through Lucy’s phone.  After several unsuccessful attempts at cracking the code, they decided to exhume her body—well at least her face.  Since Mick (Carlos Aviles) decided to help them, Dean  (Matthew Lillard) was forced to submit to the request in order for the girls to get Lucy’s head.  The ladies go through several graves before finding Lucy.  After unlocking her phone, communication with Max started.

Max tracks Lucy’s phone back to Beth’s house and comes over. Beth tells Max that she took Lucy to the airport and she’s not coming back.

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GOOD GIRLS — “Frère Jacques” Episode 306 — Pictured: (l-r) Matthew Lillard as Dean Boland, Wesam Keesh as Max

After reaching her breaking point and threatening to Rob a bank, Dean takes Au Jus to the vet.  Instead of Au Jus having a tumor, Dean found out the yellow bird is both a girl and PREGNANT!  Since he just lost his girlfriend and bird, Max goes to the vet and donates bird food, because, he believes Lucy left him and took Au Jus with her.  While in the elevator, Max spots Au Jus and asks Dean where he got the bird.  All of a sudden, Max started whistling the Where Is Thumbkin lyrics, and Au Jus whistled back.  Dean was in for the shock of his life.

What will Max do next?
Where is Rhea?

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