Star Trek Picard (S01E10) “Et in Arcadia Ego Part 2”

Well, Star Trek fans. This is it.

The season finale to Picard. It’s been a wild ride with lots of twists and turns, but in the end, the show got to where it wanted to go. Let’s dive right into it.

hiding out

The episode opens up at the downed Borg Cube. Narek (Harry Treadaway) sneaks inside like a ninja. Elnor (Evan Evagora) and Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan) talk about the fate of the xBs. “Are xBs better off dead?”

As Narek is sneaking around, who should find him, but his sister Narissa (Peyton List). After a brief reunion, Narissa takes Narek to her hiding spot.

Picard (Patrick Stewart) is under house arrest. A butterfly lands on his hand briefly and then flies away. “Lucky you.”

Soji (Isa Briones) visits Picard. She tries to tell him the synth point of view that they have no choice. Picard pleads with her to stop building the beacon. “Those advanced synths might be your salvation, but they will be our annihilation.”

Back on the cube, Narek has plans to destroy the orchids and he retrieves some grenades, while Narissa is working to get the weapons system back online. Narek leaves the cube, and Elnor follows after him.

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Narek and Narissa have a reunion. Photo from IMDB.
an eye and a story

On La Sirena, Rios (Santiago Cabrera) and Raffi (Michelle Hurd) are trying to figure out how to fix the ship with the device they had been given from the synths. Raffi suggests that Rios “imagines the fix,” and miraculously it works. The ship is repaired just like that.

Agnes (Alison Pill) and Dr. Soong (Brent Spiner) continue to prepare for the future. Dr. Soong remarks on Agnes’ noble sacrifice.

As Raffi and Rios celebrate their success, they hear rocks being thrown at the ship. They see Narek outside. They reluctantly let him in. He tells them what’s been happening. Raffi tries to talk to Picard, but she can’t reach him.

Elnor shows up and is about to kill Narek, but Rios manages to calm him down.

Agnes sees Dr. Soong trying to retrieve the data from the deceased synth Saga. He is called away, and while she is alone, she takes out Saga’s damaged eye.

Narek explains the story of Ganmadan. “A story of the end,” that involves two sisters. Seb Natan “the foreteller,” and “Seb Cheneb,” the destroyer.

He weaves a gruesome tale about what will happen when the advanced synths arrive. He believes that is not just a prophecy, but history, and “history always repeats itself.”

back in the good old days…

The Romulan fleet draws ever closer, and we see Commodore Oh (Tamlyn Tomita) is in command of the flagship.

Narek and the others need to get back into the settlement to destroy the beacon. They come up with a plan. After being thoroughly searched by the synths guarding the settlement, they are let back into the compound.

Meanwhile, Agnes uses Saga’s eye to bust Picard from his room. Soong is able to reconstruct the data from Saga and sees that it was Sutra who killed her and not Narek.

Picard and Agnes make their way back to the ship and see that it’s empty. They go aboard. They need to find a way to stall the Romulans. The fleet is now only seven minutes away. Picard wants to try and teach the synths about the value of life. He is able to fly the ship into orbit.

The synths have gathered and Sutra is addressing them. Soji is working on the beacon. Dr. Soong comes up to confront Sutra. Tells her what he knows, and deactivates her. Suddenly, Raffi and the others jump in to the crowd and a fight breaks out.

As Picard struggles to fly the ship, Agnes wonders how they are going to stall the Romulans. “One impossible thing at a time.”

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Rios sees Soji. Photo from IMDB.
two places at once

Rios gets into position and throws the grenade at the beacon. Soji catches it and throws it high up into the air where it explodes harmlessly. Back on the Borg Cube, as Narissa is finalizing the weapons array, Seven finds her and they get into a deadly and brutal fight.

The Romulan fleet has finally arrived. Oh gives the order “Sterilize the entire planet.” The Orchids are launched to slow the attack.

The fight between Narissa and Seven reaches its peak and Seven kicks Narissa off the ledge “this is for Hugh.”

As Picard and Agnes are wondering how to somehow miraculously stall the rest of the fleet, Agnes talks about the “Picard” maneuver, where he was able to have his old ship appear to be in two places at once.

Picard can’t do it here. Agnes spots the tool that Raffi and Rios used to fix the ship, and smiles because she knows what it is and how to use it. Now they have a fighting chance. Picard contacts Soji. He pleads with her once more to shut down the beacon. He even offers his life, but Soji is determined to see things through.

The ship is able to summon ‘hundreds’ of identical ships which does the job of distracting the Romulan fleet.

picard finale images jonathan frakes 600x248 1 - Star Trek Picard (S01E10) "Et in Arcadia Ego Part 2"
Riker as ‘Acting Captain Riker’ of the Federation Fleet. Photo from Google.
the beginning of the end?

The beacon is completed and Soji activates it. Just when things look dire, Starfleet shows up with their own fleet, and “Acting Captain William Riker,” (Johnathan Frakes) is in charge. They state their intentions of putting the synths under their protection. Oh ignores him. “Prepare to fight.”

Picard is fading fast. He asks to talk to Soji. He begs her to shut down the beacon. “Don’t be the monster they believe you to be.”

“That’s why we’re here. To save each other.” Soji makes the final call and destroys the beacon. The Romulans stand down. Picard asks Riker how he got here so fast.

Riker tells him he asks to be reassigned to the ship, and that he had his back. “I’m supposed to be making pizza in the woods while you have all the fun?”

Picard’s condition deteriorates rapidly. Soji beams Agnes and Picard back down to the settlement. As he lay there dying, his friends surround him. He tells Soji that he gave her a choice. “Not being the destroyer was up to you.”

Picard is dead.

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Picard in the ‘quantum simulation’. Photo from IMDB.
a quantum simulation

Later, Seven and Rios talk while sharing a bottle of ‘alcohol’. Rios tells her he “never wanted to do it again”. By which he meant letting another starship captain into his heart. Elnor and Raffi grieve over Picard’s death.

Picard wakes up. He sees Data, who informs him that they are inside a ‘complex quantum simulation.’

“Data, am I dead?” They talk about their deaths. Data says he cannot remember his. Picard tells him that sacrificing himself for the crew “was the most Data thing you ever did”.

Data remarks that the Soongs can be an ‘acquired taste’. Soon it is time for Picard to leave.

Data asks him for a favor. He tells Picard that the others were able to fully map out his brain before he died, and were able to transfer his consciousness into another body. Just before Picard leaves, Data asks him to ‘terminate his consciousness’. He says that ‘mortality gives meaning to human life’.

Picard agrees and says goodbye to Data for the last time.

star trek picard finale seven of nine raffi 1585309607 - Star Trek Picard (S01E10) "Et in Arcadia Ego Part 2"
Seven of Nine and Raffi sharing a moment. Photo from IMDB.
goodbye data, hello new body

When Picard wakes up, he sees Soji, Agnes, and Dr. Soong.

“Am I real?”. They all sit down for tea and Picard is told all about his new body. He will still age, but the brain abnormality is gone. Everything is new, everything works and he lives again.

Later, he gathers everyone together as he unplugs Data. He gives a very moving, emotional speech. “Data wanted to be part of the human family.”

The crew is now back on the ship. Picard asks Soji if she is ok to come, knowing what she is leaving behind. Soji replies “I think I’m just more cut out for wandering”. The synth ban has been lifted, so she can go anywhere she wants Picard says his iconic line ‘engage’ and the ship flies off into space.



Wowee what an episode! Truthfully, I was kinda hoping for a bit more firefighting between the Romulans and Starfleet, but I am glad they were able to resolve the situation without killing anyone.

I knew Picard couldn’t be dead, so I wasn’t too sad about that. I got very teary when he unplugged Data and we saw him age as he finally ‘died’.  So now everything is wrapped up in a neat little package.

One question I have, though. What happened to Narek? I wonder if we will see him again in season two.

Thank you all for joining me in watching this phenomenal show. I can’t wait to see what they do for the second season. Now, as the Klingons say, DaH jImej, or goodbye for now.