Interview with Briana Tedesco

Hey everybody we have a great interview today. You might recognize her from a recent episode of The Flash, it’s Briana Tedesco who played Young Maya. Briana Tedesco is a young American actress who currently resides in South Carolina.  She started acting at 8 years old and quickly blossomed into a natural born actress. She makes strong choices for a young actress and can adapt and portray many roles. She is a quick study and takes direction exceptionally well.  She won 1st runner up in the Los Angeles International Short Film Festival in May 2019 for “Best Female Child Actress” for her lead role in the short film “Dalia”. She is extremely active in her community as Miss South Carolina Pre-Teen, she plays basketball, soccer, ukulele, guitar, sings and enjoys traveling the world.  She is a strong Christian child who enjoys teaching others about God.

Q 1) When you learned you were being casted in The Flash, did you know right away which character you would be?

A) Not really because they had me read for a “fake name” like Lana and then the final draft script came over as Maya and I then realized as I read the entire episode script that I was playing young Allegra Garcia’s doppelganger.

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Photo Credit: Jessica Tedesco


Q 2) Did you feel any pressure while on set of The Flash?

A) I did not feel pressure from anyone, I definitely felt nervous but I was really excited to get to work with such an amazing actor like Tom Cavanaugh.

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photo credited to: Jessica Tedesco


Q 3) Seeing you on the latest episode of The Flash wearing the Indiana Jones/Adventure hat you looked a little bit like Indiana Jones, did you feel like you were going on an adventure when wearing that hat for that scene?

A) Not really since I had read the script but it was powerful like I felt I could do anything and the fact that it came off of Nash’s (Tom’s head) was so cool.

Q 4) For Maya, do you feel like it was more of foster family situation with Maya and Nash or do you think there’s more to the story between Maya and Nash?

A) There is definitely more to story with Maya and Nash, even though we don’t get to see many scenes between them. You can feel he loved her like a daughter when he’s crying over her death and does not want to relieve it by visiting the memory.

Q 5) Do you think we will see you again playing Young Maya?

A) I am not sure since my character died but they have a saying on The Flash that no one really dies, so maybe I will or maybe I won’t appear back on the show. I would love to,  the fans and the experience has been the greatest thing ever. I am very blessed by it all.

Q 6) Were there any funny moments that happened while on The Flash set that you could share with us?

A) I mean not really, it took us several tries for me to throw the security drone to him from my back and we laughed a lot, should have made a blooper reel. We eventually one of the set designers step in and throw in for me.  Another thing with working with Tom, he improvises a lot of his scenes, he really makes it his own and had me saying new lines on the fly and he taught me a lot about being in the moment. He’s a phenomenal actor and so kind.

Q 7) If you could return to The Flash series as any other character (currently on or hasn’t been revealed yet) which character would you choose and why?

A) I would love to return as a younger version of Gypsy because she was so cool, her powers and how she chased bad guys.  I would like to tell her story of how she became. I would like to be able to portray a character that had powers too.

Q 8) Have you read any Flash comics or any comic book?  

A) I had not read any Flash Comic Books, I have read comic books before, my uncle is a huge collector of all kinds. I think it would be fun to read more because a lot of my Comic love comes from The Tv shows and the movies with out a doubt.

Q 9) If you could choose one of the Cast of The Flash to hang out with for the whole day, who would it be and why?

A) Oh man only one. I would have to say for sure Grant Gustin. He’s so nice and seems like a big brother I could hang out with and learn from and definitely have a lot of laughs with. I could see him and myself going around pranking cast members on set all day especially Tom. Mr.Tom is funny.

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Photo Credit: Jessica Tedesco


Q 10) If you could give any advice to any new actor, what would it be?

A) I would say to definitely work hard and never give up. It can get really quiet sometimes where you can go months without an audition. I was about 6 months without a booking when this came a long. I know people it took years to get their first booking. Just be true to you and don’t become a character let the character you are playing shine through you, make strong choices and be in the moment. Relate to who you are playing and how you would really feel in the moment and portray that.

Thank you so much for asking me to do this interview. I am very grateful and Thank you to all The DC and Flash fans who have been beyond amazing to me with the comments, follows on Instagram and really sweet private messages. Thank you!