Grey’s Anatomy (S6E19) “Love of My Life”

This weeks episode of Grey’s Anatomy was incredibly touching, as we venture deeper into some of the doctors current and past relationships. As a handful of Grey Sloan’s doctors attended a conference, where they all bumped into some familiar faces. Here are some of the highlights of this episode:

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Dr Hayes Flashback

Dr Hayes (Richard Flood) has been on our screens for a few weeks now and I have to admit as of this week I have not invested much interest into his character. If I am being perfectly honest I have found it hard to really invest in any new character that has joined the ensemble in the last couple of seasons. I guess that a whole other conversation!

However this week I really did find myself thoroughly enjoying and investing in Hayes storyline this week. We learnt a lot more about his character with several flashback scenes involving his wife. We got to witness several parts of their love story including the time they first met and when she first went to the hospital before she got sick. We saw all the way to the absolutely HEARTBREAKING event of her dying. Of course it it always upsetting to see someone die on screen, especially on Grey’s, yet I was taken a bit by surprise with how emotional this scene actually way! As I previously said, I have not really been invested in his character, yet the scenes with his wife made me uncontrollably sob! Seeing the beautiful and close relationship he had with his wife, and that he has with his children has definitely made me see his character in a whole new way!

A little side note is that I absolutely LOVED the line where his wife told him to “make sure the boys know it’s ok to cry, to feel things.” The scene had a lot of beautiful dialogue but this was definitely my favourite part. Even though subtle, I always think it is important to discuss how it is ok for boys to show emotion, especially when they are immensely hurting. As well all know crying and feeling emotion does not make anyone weak!

Teddy’s romance plot twist

I’m super excited to get to this part of the episode, as it was by far my highlight! A big part of Teddy’s (Kim Raver) character has always been how close she was to her best friend Allison. She became a doctor in Afghanistan to deal with her grief after Allison tragically dies during the 9/11, her scrub cap has birds on it as Allison loved birds and she even named her newborn baby after her! This week we finally got to meet Allison with Sherri Saum portraying her in flashbacks.

This all unfolded when Teddy bumped into Allison’s ex girlfriend Claire, who they both lived with. We were then hit with a plot twist that no one saw coming, turns out Allison wasn’t just Teddy’s best friend they were in love and having an affair! I absolutely LOVE the fact that greys has gone down this route and I am all for bisexual Teddy. The more representation the better!

I also loved the extra details behind the birds on Teddy’s scrub cap. As between an adorable scene between Teddy and Allison, they discuss the time they first met. Allison was riding a bike that had a basket filled with fake birds, as Teddy was not paying attention when she was walking as she was too busy looking at map, Allison almost run her over! I’m so bummed that Allison died so we won’t get anymore scenes between this pair, as their chemistry was immense! I really hope this isn’t the last we see of bisexual Teddy as it would be really great to see onscreen. Can her and Amelia finally get together? It’s a struggle to see that with all the men AND women in the world Teddy would really settle for Owen Hunt…….

What’s wrong with Richard?

It all seemed to finally be going well for Richard (James Pickens Jr) at the beginning of this episode. Starting with him bumping into Catherine (Debbie Allen) at the conference and they at last managed to have a mature conversation! This led to them finally reconciling, which was very refreshing to watch since there doesn’t seem to be many happy couples on the show at the moment!

Sadly it did not take long for it to all go down hill for Richard. At the end of the episode when he gave his awaited speech at the conference, it is evident that he was struggling to get his words out and was completely all over the place. All the doctors watched in great concern and so did we, which only increased as we witnessed Catherine livestream the speech from the hospital. The episode ends with him getting rushed out of the conference and carried to hospital in a stretcher. It is a likely scenario that Richard imagined Catherine being at the conference and their whole reconciliation! My concern for Richard is increasing even more every episode, I really hope his character isn’t leaving the show anytime soon, as my heart can’t take another loss of an og character!

So that’s it for this week folks! Ill see you all next week to discuss the new episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Until then take care and stay safe!