Legacies (S02E16) “Facing Darkness Is Kinda My Thing”

legaciesc - Legacies (S02E16) "Facing Darkness Is Kinda My Thing"

Legacies introduced us to the fairy tale world that is Josie’s mind. With One Pig, Red Riding hood and a big bad wolf that looked too much like a Wookie, Legacies brought this season to an end… at least for now. For a recap on last week’s episode click here.

Josette (Good Josie) made a comeback as she battled her dark side in what was an underwhelming hour of television. The whole episode reeked of mediocrity. From the faux funeral to the entire plot. I must say this has been one of the most boring episodes the show has had to offer.

Understandably, not a lot of people would have good things to say about Lizzie at the first go. That is however no excuse for the mockery of a tribute video that was shown at the funeral. The whole funeral, from the planning to the execution and the more than compensating eulogy from MG was just too much of a joke to stomach. The tribute video was made so bad just to pave way for the over the top eulogy delivered by MG. Also, the parent show – TVD- while making clear that it was a teen drama, had the decency to sprinkle a couple of adults on the show. What Legacies has done is to lump a bunch of misguided teenagers still trying to figure themselves out together with little or no adult supervision.

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Josette’s mind was fun to watch, with the whole Little red riding hood theme. It is also noteworthy that the show didn’t ultimately make hope the knight in a hooded red dress to save Josette. She ultimately did that all by herself! Throughout the show, we have seen Josie struggle with control. To see her take back that control from Dark Josie was a ray of light in an otherwise dreary episode. I do hope this is not the last time we see Dark Josie though. I have grown quite fond of her.

As expected, Raf’s return to Alaric and the entire Necromancer story arch was a bit of well… everything we didn’t expect. The Necromancer released those he resurrected in exchange for Josie’s dark magic. However, I do not know what the show hopes to achieve with not waking up both Hope and Landon. Hopefully we get to see some exciting plot involving Hope, Landon and Malivore.

MG and Lizzie’s friendship has grown so much stronger with this episode. One thing remains clear though, MG still has feelings for Lizzie. Feelings that I think if Lizzie refuses to acknowledge or attempt to reciprocate at this stage should be done away with.

Also, with the merge done, it no longer makes sense for Caroline to remain in Europe in search of a fix. Caroline can now return to Mystic falls and raise her darn kids. I don’t know how Legacies can pull this off, but this is clearly the next logical step for the show. Having Caroline and Alaric run the school will probably give the show and those poor kids a bit more direction.

It wasn’t entirely a bad episode, a definite 5/10 for me.

We cannot yet say when Legacies will return to our screens. Production is on hold as a result of the COVID-19 virus. We do hope we get a resolve on the mind bugging cliff hanger when production resumes. Until then, Stay Safe, Stay Indoors and Wash your hands!