Chicago Crossover: Chicago Fire (S08E15) “Off The Grid” Chicago PD (S07E15) “Burden The Truth”

It’s another One Chicago Crossover with both Fire and PD come together to help find a missing person from an old friend. Here’s a recap!

ie 40794 - Chicago Crossover: Chicago Fire (S08E15) "Off The Grid" Chicago PD (S07E15) "Burden The Truth"

After multiple calls of students overdosing on a new drug, Roman returns to Chicago to search for her missing little sister, who’s a part of those students dealing with the new dug. Roman and Severide team up to search for leads. But just when they learn of the suspect, Severide checks with the Intelligence Unit, who’s been doing their investigation; but learns that Roman is in the city.

After 51 gets a call of a basement fire; where Roman happened to be to get information; Roman meets with Voight, Burgess, and Ruzek and teams up to search for the suspect. Roman and Burgess do some catching up while searching for his sister but locates her dead outside a shack. As Roman deals with his upset parents and planning the funeral; Burgess realizes that Roman had killed the suspect and planted false clues to Voight and the team.

Just as everyone heads to the funeral, the Intelligence Unit and Firehouse 51 among others were there and as Burgess listen, she understood what he said in his eulogy as too Voight. Voight tells Roman that they couldn’t find the killer and that they’ll keep in contact with him for any updates, knowing of what went really down.

Other things: Casey helps Brett drive her to meet her birth mother; but comes up empty when someone tells her that no one lived there by that name. Turns out she did and came to visit Brett at 51 and not only apologizes to her but tells her that she’s expecting a baby. Also, Burgess wants Ruzek to let out the anger and blame her for the loss of their child; which he doesn’t.

“Off the Grid”/”Burden of Truth” was a very good crossover episode for Fire and PD; better than the previous one last season, which felt a bit flat. This crossover had a lot of meat to the bone with strong character development from Roman and Burgess; strong writing in the story. Also, I couldn’t get enough of Brett and Casey but loved when Brett meets her birthmother at Firehouse 51, which had emotions. Overall, I give these episodes 9/10.

What did you think of the crossover event? Was it better than last season? Leave a comment and tell us your thoughts.

You can catch Chicago Fire and Chicago PD Wednesdays at 9/8c and 10/9c on NBC.