Chicago Fire (S07E16-17) “The Drowning of a Victim”/”Protect a Child”

Have no fear! Casey has been saving lives these last couple of weeks in Chicago Fire. Here’s a recap!

chicagofire816 - Chicago Fire (S07E16-17) "The Drowning of a Victim"/"Protect a Child"

“The Tendency of a Drowning Victim”

When 51 gets called to a ca in the lake; Casey doesn’t waste any time to put his men in the freezing water to search for a dead victim. But he gets a twist that it turns into a scam of a fiance being taken out of her money so he can afford more to his model aircrafts collection. The case does put Casey and Severide at odds but not for long.

Lilly returns to 51 to ask Herrmann for help to find her a place for her new bakery. But when Herrmann tries to do what he did for Molly’s; it turns into a whole new ballgame. That doesn’t mean that he hasn’t given up on her but instead helps invest in her business.

Brett and her birthmother bond but trouble come when she starts to have Braxton hicks contractions. But she did ask the question about her and Casey after she had met him. As Casey awaits for them at the ED desk; the doctor tells Casey about Gallo coming visiting that little girl who got burned.

Boden is on a rampage at 51 and it doesn’t have to do with the fire department. Donna has him on a diet and takes his anger at everyone one 51; so Kidd steps up to help with him until Ritter and Gallo come up with a way to enjoy a diet.

“The Tendency of a Drowning Victim” was a very good episode from start to finish. Casey has a very good story in this episode with the twist and turns of the car accident. And the Casey-Severide bromance while had some bumps always ends with a nice ending this time with steak with Kidd. Watching those three at the end reminded me of Casey, Severide and Dawson were seasons ago. Looks like Brett’s mother is on board for the #Bresey train. And I couldn’t get enough of Boden and Kidd in this episode. Overall, I give this episode an 8.5/10.

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“Protect a Child”

When 51 rescues a disabled mother and her child from a house fire, it turns into an issue with the DCFS that gets Casey all fired up. After receiving multiple complaints from the neighbor about how the mother was unfit to take care of her child, the BCFS takes the child away. After another rescue at a warehouse factory, Casey and Gallo talk to the caseworker about comparing that mother to a group of big men trying to help save their friend at the warehouse. Also, Casey tells the story about Lou; an experience that was brought to him. In the end, the mother and child were reunited.

Herrmann believes he should have his own quarters like Casey, Severide, and Boden but Boden doesn’t agree. Herrmann takes the spot right between Casey and Severide but soon caused a small fire that has him reporting to the fire academy by Chief Walker.

After seeing young girls hanging out with bad crowds, Kidd wants to help bring young women to the world of the firefighters with a Girl on Fire program. After getting positive responses; Kidd needed to find a partner to help her; Severide advised her to have Wendy to help. After asking her, she’s all in.

Brett’s mother, Julie, makes another visit and asked Brett for her help in finding a place to live in Chicago. After making a call that didn’t need both Foster and her, Brett meets a realtor to help find a few places. After meeting the guy asked Brett out but after thinking about it she turns the guy down. Maybe she’s waiting to see where Casey will go; kind of like when Casey was waiting to see where Brett was going.

“Protect a Chid” was such a good and heartwrenching episode. The reason I say heart-wrenching is because of the story of the mother and child splitting up by DCFS and also we relive a bit of history of  Casey and Dawson having Louie for a short and painful time. It stays with you for sure. Loved Herrmann’s story a lot in this as it was just downright hilarious. Also, I’m loving Kidd stepping up to make this program work. Overall, I give this episode an 8.5/10.

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