Chicago Fire (S08E18) “I’ll Cover You”

Last week’s episode of Chicago Fire had a lot to take in from two mysteries, inspiration and even a shocking ending that no one saw coming. Here’s a recap!

NUP 190442 0053 730x487 - Chicago Fire (S08E18) "I'll Cover You"

Let’s talk about the main event of the episode which happens to be Severide teaming up with Wendy for an investigation of a motel fire that leads to a murder investigation. After thinking that the janitor might have done it, it turns out that it was someone from a medical equipment company that had a history of drug use. Severide and Wendy team up with Ruzek and tried taking down the suspect in a cool fashion.

Someone online has been looking for the firefighter from a photo 16 years ago that happens to have Casey. While Casey doesn’t know what had happened during that call, the rest of 51 helps him CSI style. Thanks to Cruz, Casey got to meet the guy but it wasn’t what he had expected as the guy was looking for the other guy, not Casey. Oops!

Kidd and Wendy aren’t doing so well recruiting young girls to sign up for the Girls on Fire program. While Kidd’s method was going anywhere, Wendy did something that had gotten someone to come and sign up. But on its deadline, not only did that one girl come but some of her friends she helps gathered too.

Now for the shocking moment that I would say I didn’t see coming. It looked like Brett was going to be a part of Julie’s life when the baby comes. Soon Julie goes into labor and Brett and Forster take her to Med while there seemed to be some complication; the doctor reassures Brett that everything was going to be fine. That is until Casey comes to help be with her; they get the news that they weren’t expecting: while the baby was born healthy, Julie had died.  Brett meets her little sister and while holding her she dances around the room.

“I’ll Cover You” was an episode that had everything going for it and more. While I’d love watching another edition of Severide A.I: Arson Investigation and Casey and 51 looking into a call 16 years ago (when Casey had hair from House MD days); they were enjoyable and very filling. The Kidd-Wendy story was very good and while at a few times it got awkward these two teaming up worked so well.

The Brett-Julie story was the most heartbreaking moment in this episode and just felt horrible for Brett. Kara Killmer gave such a good performance: that last scene was so powerful! It was so powerful that it not only made me cry but hugging my grandmother after the episode ended. I wonder what this will do to her going forward. But I expect some good Brett-Casey moments of friendship and compassion.

Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

What did you think of this episode? What did you think of Casey’s hairstyle? Do you remember when Jesse Spencer was on House MD? How do you see Brett’s story moving forward after the death of her mother? Leave a comment and tell us your thoughts.

You can catch Chicago Fire when they return Wednesday, April 8 at 9/8c on NBC.