Chicago PD (S07E16-17) “Intimate Violence”/”Before the Fall”

Missed episodes 16 and 17 of this season of Chicago PD? Here are the recaps!

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“Intimate Violence”

When an armed robbery went homicide, the Intelligence Unit relies on the witness that happens to be the wife of one of the armed robbers. Jay and Hailey work together to get the suspect’s wife to bust their next heist, but it turns to a bust when Jay overhears her getting beaten by her husband. While the suspect is arrested, they try to get him to turn over his team but wouldn’t.

Hailey learns that their suspect was let go and calls Jay to find the suspect’s wife beaten once again. Jay not only kicked that guy’s butt and took the wife out of the house and got her and her child a flight to Pheinox, Az. Jay learns from Hailey that what he did was very good and tells him about how she dealt with the abusive father hitting her mother over the years.

“Intimate Violence” was a very good episode and one of the best Halstead-Upton episodes in a while. Both of the characters had some good to strong character developments, mainly Hailey Upton. The writing was good as well. Soffer and Spiridakos work so well together and that their chemistry

is so good. Overall, I give this episode an 8.5/10. 190260 0841 850x560 - Chicago PD (S07E16-17) "Intimate Violence"/"Before the Fall"

“Before the Fall”

“Before the Fall” was a good episode, at times it felt boring in the middle of the episode. The episode depicts Voight getting the help of a reformed gang member to help get a confession from a suspect that killed his boss and an innocent little girl. But homicide gets on it and as they get close to a confession, all hell breaks loose and Voight’s friend and reformed gang member got seriously hurt. But that homicide detective gets a goodbye git he’ll never forget.
While this episode had some moments that were slow and boring at times, I understood the episode as it pretty much dealt with old blood vs new blood. In the way, it’s almost like Godfather 3 in a way with Voight’s friend helping and trying to act like the boys in the drug business. Overall, I give this episode a 7.5/10.
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