Prodigal Son (S01E18) “Scheherazade”

There are only two more episodes of Prodigal Son left, and the season has gone by in a twisted, sadistic blur. There is no word whether we will have a Season 2 as of yet, but there is no doubt in my mind that it will be renewed. (Spoilers Ahead)

Talking to ghosts

Malcolm (Tom Payne), has resigned to the fact that the answers he and Eve (Molly Griggs) are so desperately seeking, are not so easy to find. There is one person, who could give them that inside information. Martin (Michael Sheen), of course. Who is more than delighted to have a visit with his son and a lady friend.

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Forever the doting father. (Prodigal Son S01E18) (Photo: IMDB)

Eve, as we are finding out, has many layers to her. She has endured so much and has little time for the games that Martin likes to play. Fear is not in her repertoire, and she is quick to try and invoke some sort of reaction. Sophie (Anna Eilinsfeld) was her everything, and she will not back down without closure. She doesn’t hesitate to walk over that red line, giving Martin and a good wake up call and a slap to the face.

No answers. No visits. Simple as that, and you better believe that it rattles Martin, and we have come to learn that it’s not so easy to do. The voices of the dead, and not so dead are talking, as we soon come to learn. The story isn’t as cut and dry as it seems to be, which makes it a brilliant turning of events. If Martin wants to see his son again, he needs to play their game.

Ballet of the Dead

Jessica (Bellamy Young) has an uncanny ability to seek trouble out, even if that isn’t her intention. At a swanky event, she reconnects with an old friend Nicholas Endicott (Dermot Mulroney), who seems more than pleased at her presence. In a night to celebrate the arts, a ballet performance takes a dark turn, when the principal male dancer, Javier (Sean Rozanski), ends up dead. It sounds like a case for, Malcolm and the gang.

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Trouble follows. (Prodigal Son S01E18) (Photo: IMDB)

Gil (Lou Diamond Phillips) seems to be rather, protective over Jessica, especially when she is in the presence of Nicholas. There has always been something silently brewing between Gil and Jessica, could this be a few notes of jealousy? Or is it something more he is picking up on? The rich and powerful tend to have a few skeletons hiding in their closets.

Death by Poison, leading them down a rabbit hole they never thought possible. There is something sinister going on with this ballet troupe, and harm is a necessary evil if you want to get ahead. Did someone go too far this time though? The theatre has the answers and a hell of a lot of incriminating evidence. They go into lockdown when a ballerina ends up nearly blinded, is it connected?

This is the way

The prima, Fiona (Annet Mahendru), can either make or break a person’s career. She is the talent and is well versed in the comings and goings of the people underneath her. Javier was not part of her demented “life lessons”, in fact, they were involved, both on and off the stage. A deadly past in Cuba seems to have followed him to his new home, revenge is alive and well. Everything comes with a price.

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A necessary evil… (Prodigal Son S01E18) (Photo: IMDB)

Malcolm and Gil pay another house call to Nicholas since he is the curator and name behind the theatre and the ballet company. He saved Javier from a life of uncertainties, gave him an out. Something feels off, and insinuating matters make it worse, especially when they find that Jessica is there with him.

Leave it to Malcolm to put the pieces together though, a ghost from Javier’s past followed him to his new life, making sure he never forgot his old one. The evil is often right there, below our very noses, and this happens to be the case. Malcolm uses his particular set of skills to talk the killer down, and give Fiona a chance to escape the madman’s grasp. Good thing he can speak ballet, due to 5 years enrolled in the dance. Malcolm is full of surprises.

Answers, Questions, and Nothingness

Throughout this whole ordeal, Martin has been trying to contact his son, even going as far as calling Jessica. Their plan has worked, and he is ready to talk, ensuring he gets into Eve’s head first. We have been getting glimpses into Martin’s mind for most of the episode, unwrapping a very different story than anyone could’ve ever imagined.

Martin, had every intention to kill Sophie. It’s not like him to leave open-ended chaos, he must complete his process, but this was different. Sophie was armed with very particular information that could come as a great advantage to Martin, later on. Sophie had her own secrets and a twisted lifestyle, which had come with a foreboding death wish. They could be assets to one another.

prodigalsons01e1899 - Prodigal Son (S01E18) “Scheherazade”
The true face of evil. (Photo: David Giesbrecht/FOX.) (Prodigal Son S01E18)

He was the evil monster, he was the one who could end many more lives, and I’m not talking about Martin. Nicholas Endicott is pure evil. Her warning hangs there as Martin lets her go. She was never a ghost but has remained unseen like one all these years. Eve needs to leave, this is her own search now that she knows her sister is alive. For once, Martin hit them with the truth.

Closing Thoughts

This episode went in unexpected directions, giving fans something else to mull over. The Girl in the Box has become a fixture, and to find out that she didn’t suffer at the hands of Martin, is kind of mind-blowing. There is more than a Serial Killer to fear out there, and Jessica seems to be right in the middle of it. We have 3 weeks to overthink the impossible, and it’s sure to drive fans mad. This is why we keep coming back, week after week. Consistent mayhem, in these troubling times.

You can catch a new episode of Prodigal Son on Monday, April 20 on FOX at 9/8c

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