RuPaul’s Drag Race (S12E05) “Gay’s Anatomy”

A new week brings us a new episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Thankfully once a week we can forget the craziness of the world and just enjoy some fun. Drag has always been an escape for people. While it has not always been celebrated in the mainstream, it has always been an integral part of LGBTQ+ community. Drag shows are often a safe space for those seeking one; and I like to think that despite the drama and reality TV format, Drag Race brings a little of that to each of our homes. When the scariness that’s going on in the world settles and the end of the quarantine, I wholeheartedly recommend going out and supporting your local drag artists. Even now many are doing digital drag shows, so do please check out your favourite queen’s social media to see when they are performing next.

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There wasn’t really a mini-challenge this week, instead of leaving things up to chance as to how things would shake out. The Queens were tasked with casting themselves in “Gay’s Anatomy”, a parody of course of Grey’s Anatomy. While not everyone was happy with their roles, pretty much everyone nailed it anyway. There were very few performances who weren’t funny, and I felt that the judging this go-around was fair. Of course, I am not happy with who won. You guys know by now that I do not support She-Who Shall-Not-Be-Named. Normally I would be very supportive of any winner, but it just feels like a waste when it’s her. It’s been weird having to deal with this cloud looming over the competition. It’s an unprecedented situation. I’m glad none of the other girl’s edits are suffering because of this. It’s also nice that production is donating any prizes won by SP.

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This week’s runway was a very fun theme; Capes! I enjoyed most of the looks, especially Aiden’s homage to Silence of the Lambs. Though I do wish she had chosen different hair, but that’s just personal preference. I definitely agree with the judges that Brita’s cape should have had more substance, it probably would have judged her into the top half of the group. Other notable mentions are GiGi, Jackie, and Widow.

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Ok, so this episode wasn’t super eventful. However, Untucked sure the heck was. It starts out calm and fairly subdued. However, when the second half of the group comes in things start to get very messy. Of course, it starts with Brita, who feels as though Aiden should be at the bottom. For this challenge, I don’t agree, and clearly, the judges didn’t either. If she had done poorly then absolutely, but this week she didn’t. When the other girls start going in on her, Heidi steps in and very brazenly tells them off. It was nice seeing someone stand up to the bullying that was occurring. It’s definitely crazy and if you don’t watch Untucked you are missing so much.