What’s ahead in Season 2 of “A Discovery Of Witches”

Okay, so where does it pick-up?

Note to the audience: The series title will not be changed. “A Discovery Of Witches” will remain although the books have differing titles.

“A Discovery Of Witches” picks up at the ending of season 1, streamlining flawlessly into the second book in the trilogy, “Shadow of Night”. Were our two main characters, Matthew (Matthew Goode) and Diana (Teresa Palmer) have gone hiding in time. The core of season 2 is finding a witch elder powerful enough to help Diana control and master her magic. While also undertaking the search for “Ashmole 782” in it’s complete form. Diana and Matthew make a very different journey, one that takes them deep into the crux of Matthew’s life of shadows and secrets. We all must remember what Hamish said, “Matthew will not be the same Matthew he is now.” 

Meanwhile, Sarah Bishop (Alex Kingston) and Emily Mathers (Valerie Pettiford) have gone to stay with the notorious, Ysabeau de Claremont (Linsday Duncan). Marcus (Edward Bluemel) and Miriam (Aiysha Hart) will be protecting Sophie (Aisling Loftus) and Nathaniel Wilson (Daniel Ezra) from the congregation. While our dastardly villains, Gerbert (Trevor Eve), Peter Knox (Owen Teale), Satu (Malin Buska), and Domenico (Greg Chillin) will leave no stone unturned until they find out why Matthew and Diana suddenly disappeared.

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A release date:

It’s been a while since “A Discovery Of Witches” aired on September 14, 2018, in the UK and Europe. All the while, fans have been waiting rather patiently for Season 2 air date. According to Teresa Palmer (Diana Bishop-de Claremont), it should air in about six months’ time. Do we dare to hope for a September 2020 air date?

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Matthew Goode.

What could get better about Matthew de Claremont-Roydon’s character?


He’s wearing a doublet, where we get a nice view of his neck and chest. Oh, did I dare mention the tight-fitting leather pants? Take a long drink of that sexiness in, ladies. THANK YOU costume design department. Plus, we get more of the incredible character in a multi-layered story.


New characters joining the cast:

James Purefoy (The Following) is the patriarch of the de Claremont family, Philippe de Claremont.  He is the founder of the “Congregation” and the “Knights of Lazarus”. He’s also mated to Matthew’s mother, Ysabeau de Claremont, and Matthew’s stepfather. Matthew Goode and James Purefoy have both starred together in “The Wine Show” on BBC. It will quite interesting to see how their chemistry carries over into “A Discovery Of Witches” (I’m sure we are in for a treat.)

Steven Cree (Outlander) is playing Gallowglass de Claremont. He’s a soldier of fortune and nephew of Matthew de Claremont. Tom Hughes (Victoria) will join as Kit Marlowe.  Kit is an English playwright and poet. (BUT, am I wrong to say, he’s in love with Matthew?) Michael Lindell is Sir Walter Raleigh. Adam Sklar is Henry Percy. Joshua Pickering is Jack Blackfriars. Paul Rhys is cast as Father Hubbard. The vampire ruler who controls the underworld of all creatures. Sheila Hancock is cast as Goody Alsop, Diana’s elder, teacher, and mentor. Barbara Marten is cast as Queen Elizabeth.

Michael Jibson is cast as Emperor Rudolf II. Elaine Cassidy is Louisa de Claremont. Jacob Ifans as Benjamin Fuchs. Holly Airds as Francoise. Milo Towney as Pierre. Victoria Yeates as Elizabeth Jackson/” Water Witch”. Lois Chimimba as Catherine Streeter/” Fire Witch”. Amy McAllister as Marjorie Cooper/” Earth Witch.” Adrian Rawlings as William Cecil.

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