9-1-1 (S03E13) “Pinned”

This episode is NOT for the faint of heart.

Not that it is disturbing or anything, but there was so much going on. Actually, there’s an injury that was pretty gross (funny, but gross). However, what makes the episode intense is the ending. After all the good moments they leave us with a cliffhanger that, truth be told, I really didn’t see coming.

911 313 maddie 1536x1055 1 - 9-1-1 (S03E13) "Pinned"
Jennifer Love Hewitt in the “Pinned” episode of 9-1-1 CR: Jack Zeman / FOX. © 2020 FOX Media LLC.

So, let’s get straight to the injuries of the episode so we can talk about that ending and what led up to it.

I said that there was one gross injury but, to be honest, the very first one we saw was pretty intense as well. A pin setter, at a bowling alley, catching a woman’s arm. Even though I saw it coming, it was still pretty disturbing and made me feel squeamish. But then, the second one, was straight out of a horror movie. A man accidentally shooting himself in the chest with a nail gun. Again, I knew what was about to happen and it still shocked me. And then, as if that wasn’t enough, because he shot himself right in the heart, while in the ambulance, he looses his pulse and Chimney and Hen have to do CPR on him. Yes, by the time they arrive at the hospital the ambulance looks like a crime scene. The good thing is, he was still alive.

Post that, let’s talk about the ‘important’ events of the episode. The first one is Michael and his tumor. Everything is still fine with him but the way they’re focusing so much on his story-line makes me think that we won’t have him for much longer.

This time it’s Michael, Bobby and Harry that go on a camping trip and… A lot happen actually. First they’re worried about Michael. But Bobby is still making Harry feel ‘safe’. Then, Michael and Bobby kind of fight. But in the end, they talk about the whole thing. Bobby tells Michael that he can’t keep brushing things off and act like everything’s okay, because it’s not. Which is making his kids worried; And Michael tells Bobby that he’s just making them used to living without him. This whole thing was pretty sad, in my opinion, even if Michael is not one of my favorite characters.

Luckily, at the same time this whole thing with Michael is happening, we have Chimney and Maddie’s love story. This whole episode was really about not leaving things left unsaid and, realizing that, Chimney decides to take Maddie on a date to finally say the words ‘I love You’. It was a really cute moment, when they were at the restaurant and talking and sharing their feeling for each other but, of course, something had to ruin that moment. The third injury of the episode – the revolving floor catching a woman. It ended well though, and Chimney and Maddie even got to spend a free night at the hotel as a Thank You for saving the woman’s life.

And, as we think the episode is ending, something else happens – Maddie, Josh and the rest of the 911 call center get held hostage by the same man that assaulted Josh. I seriously never saw that coming! I thought that Josh story-line last episode was a one time thing just to let us know more about Josh but… Guess I was wrong. Which makes me worried again.

I’m hopeful because Maddie was on the phone with Chimney and she told him ‘I Love You’ which can mean two things – she really wanted to tell him I Love You because she doesn’t know how the whole thing is going to play out; or she said it because she wasn’t ready and, that way, Chimney will know something is wrong. I would bet on the latter but, you never know. Needless to say that I can’t wait for next week and I just want everything to end well.

Let us know what you thought of the episode, if you were also surprised, and I’ll catch you up on the next one – Monday, April 13 at 8/7c on FOX.