Alterna Comics: Tinseltown (Director’s Cut)

Alright my readers we have a great piece of work I think you all will truly love. And in these times when we all need a good read to pick up, you might just want to if you haven’t already. So let’s get to this review!

So given the times we are living in at the moment, you’re most likely trying to find a story to escape in, right? Well good news for you is this story is one to find an escape in. I’m sure by now everyone knows about the first five issue run of the comic Tinseltown. If you haven’t then this edition is definitely the one you should find and read.

For those that don’t know the story here’s the run down of the tale. This woman by the name Abigail Moore, in the late 1800’s going into early 1900’s. Where women where mocked and laughed at with dreams or “delusions” to joining the police force. Well this is Abigail’s story of how she went from being security to becoming what she always wanted an officer of the law.

In the director’s cut edition we get some extra pages that we didn’t in the original five issue run. I have to be honest with the extra pages added in it makes sense. Where’s why, the first extra page we get is revealing Abigail as an old woman who lived what seems like a really good life. It’s I believe her son that’s making a documentary film with Abigail telling the story of how her life was changed forever in the early 1900’s.

Overall like the original run of the limited series, this graphic novel of the five issues is just as good. In fact with the additional pages added to the story it gives you a little more insight to Abigail’s life. And it helps people get to know Abigail a little bit better. I truly enjoyed reading the director’s cut. It was definitely a phenomenal idea that David Lucarelli did by giving us (the fans) a director’s cut of the story. It’s amazing and I can definitely say I’m a huge fan of his story. If you like stories that go back in time by giving you a little history lesson of what life used to be like. And give you an original story about a strong female character. Then this is the story for you!

David Lucarelli really did do a great job with this story. I know I’ve said that before with the single issue reviews. But it’s true, David created this story as a in memoriam of his mother and he did it by making Abigail kind of resembling his mother. He even gave Abigail the same badge number that his mother had when she was in the police force. David wrote this story to make it a perfect memoriam to her. And I can say he’s far from done telling Abigail’s story.

Henry Ponciano who does the art of the comic series. I can once again say; does a phenomenal job with the art for the comics and cover work. His art is the source to help tell the fantastic story.

To all the women who serve in police departments, army, marines, EMT’s, or any department of helping others. I would like to thank you for your service and wish you luck with the future of your careers.

This graphic novel is highly recommended to reading, it’s available everywhere where comics are sold (including Amazon and Comixology digital comics site)

Tinseltown sequel Losing the Light issue 1 will be released sometime this year.