“La Casa de Papel” aka “Money Heist” Part 4 (Season 4) Review

The fourth season of the hit-Netflix show “La Casa de Papel” also known as “Money Heist” returned giving fans a good break from the ongoing Covid-19 (coronavirus) crisis.

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Credit: Netflix

The gang still inside the Bank of Spain continue their venture trying to survive and melt as much gold to get to their target to make an escape. Without going into details and turning this into a summary here is how the season went:


1. Things were crazy as usual

Part of the charm of “La Casa de Papel” is the planning and execution of each and every plan made by “El Profesor” and seeing it unfold with perfection. Some say “La Casa de Papel” beats “Prison Break” and in some cases it is evident on how much thought went behind each step by writers to create such a marvelous show.

2. Unpredictability

It is easy to assume that the gang will always make it out and win at the end of the day. But “La Casa de Papel” doesn’t give you easy wins with a lot of sacrifices being made to get there. The “Lisboa” plot kept me on my toes as you don’t want to believe it is over until “El Profesor” tries all his cards, somehow they did had a plan for everything and even when things weren’t going their way they had something going on. Better yet, we saw the death of one of the main characters – how many shows dare do that?

What made “La Casa de Papel” even better was how they ended, keeping you waiting for a whole new season wondering – what now? Will the now disgraced cop turn him in or maybe pull a “Lisboa” and help the crew? How will they get out of there?

3. The rhythm picked up as each episode went by

As every episode was going by, the plot kept on thickening setting up to a death of a main character. There weren’t any meaningless gunfights or fighting as each part added something to the plot setting up for another scene. All in all, by the time you were in the fifth or sixth episode there was no way you could stop.


1. Plot-wise: Too slow

This season was very slow, building up for the last episodes. You could easily see this show is going on longer than planned as the first 2 seasons are still something they need to beat. If you think about it, this season was big due to a major character death, reveal on how “Lisboa” angle turned out and some government scandals. Otherwise, we are still where we were last season without that big of a difference.

You can argue that this was done on purpose as we are most likely going to see a season 5 of the show and this gave them breathing room to add a lot of maneuvers to keep the plot going.

2. Hitman show?

Money Heist 2398741 - "La Casa de Papel" aka "Money Heist" Part 4 (Season 4) Review
“Gandia” portrayed by José Manuel Poga
Credit: Netflix

For some reason, a lot of this season went around the Head of Security of the Governor of the Bank of Spain, Gandia, who was your Hitman who was never easily defeated. Gandia had an arguably much bigger role than “Tokio” this season as he kept the gang on their toes till the end of the season.

If you remove Gandia from the equation, this season would have included them escaping too. Other than him killing a major character, he didn’t do much other than make episodes go on as the gang tried to go after him unsuccessfully most of the season and the final set up where they used him. In other words, if his role wasn’t stretched this long – I guess was to show how big of a threat he was to the team so that the command center would actually want to extract him – chances are the season would have had a lot more than a manhunt for Gandia.

However, it is important to note, I was under the impression we would be possibly looking at an escape too and that is why the Gandia angle disappointed me. Hence why point 1 is there too.

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