Interview with Sloane Siegel

  1. How did you come to get cast in Dwight in Shining Armor?

I was actually dating someone at the time that was going out for the role of Gretta. She showed me the script and told me the main character reminded her of me. When I read those almost thirty pages of gold I was hooked. I sent it to my agents and they got me the audition, then the showrunners/creators saw me and decided I was the face and voice for their words.

  1. What was the part of the show that initially got you interested in the show?

The script and plot. The pilot script is still one of the best scripts I’ve ever read. The scenes flowed beautifully and the dialogue wasn’t choppy or cheesy. I always say the plot is a story that should’ve been made by now. It’s a very exciting and new twist on an old story, aimed at everybody. Also, just to be a part of a world where Orcs and dragons and medieval characters roam, is a Lord of the Rings geek like me’s dream come true.


  1. Can you talk about working with the more fantastical elements? How were you able to humanize and ground this story?

We have lots of spells and monsters and magical events that happen in the show. Sometimes, like the Vargar in episode 3, season 1, it’s an entirely CGI monster that we plan way ahead of time for. We usually are just told with a waving hand to “Look over there or something.” Then, we do our best to act like there’s a raging monster in front of us when there’s really not even a marker. And most of the time we have smaller effects and magical elements like Baldric’s bottomless wizard sleeves. That was an idea birthed out of circumstance. We just needed a certain object and couldn’t think of where to get it from, thus randomly pulling things out of Baldrics sleeves was created. Joel would usually wear rubber bands around his arms and hold the object there, then he’d have to get through the scene without it falling out. My favorite magical effects are the ones added later on that we didn’t realize were being added. Like in episode 2, season 2, in the opening of the episode I have hardly anything to say. So, I thought it would be funny to rummage around the scattered magical artifacts and see if they kept any of it. Funny enough, they kept all of it and added effects to the things I interacted with. It was a really fun surprise.

At its heart this story is about people being thrown into worlds that they’re unfamiliar with. Baldric and Gretta are stuck in a world that has forgotten about them and their kingdom. Dwight is spellbound to a 1,000-year-old princess and is forced to adapt to her medieval world. People that never would’ve shared a passing glance are stuck together and out of their shared fear for the new and unknown, they become a family. I think everyone can relate to feeling like they’re out of place, but this show embraces that and teaches you to laugh at the absurdity of the unknown.

To sum it all up, this is a show with a very lore rich world, with a lot of bizarre stories and characters, but we do our best to treat these characters and events as real as possible, creating a very immersive, grounded experience. A lot of hard work and love gets put into every episode for you all to enjoy.

  1. How did you come up with some of Dwight’s more eccentric personality traits and foibles?

Most of it is just in the writing. It starts with the first few episodes when you’re really getting to know the characters. In episode 3 of season 1 it’s revealed that Dwight volunteers at a pet shelter and the senior center quite often. That reinforced my idea of the character and made him much more compassionate and peaceful and a lot less daring. The dialogue is also written quite musically for his jokes, so I use that rhythm and delivery to help me discover new things about him. At this point, I can say pretty much anything with the character’s voice.

  1. How did you and the cast form a camaraderie?

I had already known Caitlin Carmichael (Gretta) for many years. Everyone else in the cast I met on this series. We would go to dinner on weekends, explore the cities we filmed in together, and so much more. You see people every day early morning and late night and you either become really close with them or despise their existence. Luckily, we’ve all just grown to love each other and act as a family. We play pranks on each other and play improve games in between scenes. I’m really lucky that our cast has become a team, and that we support each other so effortlessly.

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  1. Who are some of your acting inspirations?

I think my biggest acting inspiration was Gene Wilder. I grew up watching all of his films and truly admired his style of comedy. Noah Hawley inspires me a lot as well; I love the shows he writes and runs. Legion and Fargo are two of my favorite shows. LaKeith Stanfield is another inspiration of mine; as an actor he has a very wide range of roles he’s performed. I aspire to be as good of an actor or writer as some of these people one day. There are many other actors and creators that have inspired me but that list would really go on forever.

  1. What would you like to see in the shows future?

I am totally hoping we get a musical episode. Hopefully if we get another season, the whole cast will fall under a musical spell and we’ll be singing and dancing through medieval madness. It’s something the whole cast has been asking for since day 1. Even though we do have our fair share of original songs performed on the show, I would love for a romantic tango with Baldric and Hexela, or a tavern song like beauty and the beast’s “Gaston” with Chlodwig.

  1. What’s next up for the show? Are you filming season 3? Starting season 4?

Season 3 is currently airing and season 4 is already finished filming. We are currently waiting to see if we’ll get a season 5.

  1. You are very active on twitter, engaging with the show and its fan base. Are you inspired at all by how passionate fans are?

I’m extremely inspired! After all, we make this show for the fans and potential future fans. To see that our hard work is appreciated and loved and discussed means the world to me. I hope people continue to talk about the show and eventually form a fandom.

  1. There was a big Dwight in shining armor presence at New York Comic Con 2019. What does it mean to you to lead a show that is so big in nerd culture that it’s being covered at conventions?

I’m really living the dream man. I’ve been going to conventions for a long time. I’m a huge fan of comic books, Star Trek, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and pretty much everything else that could be at comic con. I am truly in my element, and to be a part of a show that can be looked at as something worthy of nerd culture is literally my dream.

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