RuPaul’s Drag Race (S12E06) “Snatch Game”


Ladies, gentlemen, and everyone in between! It is the week we have all been waiting for… Snatch Game! For anyone who may not know, the Snatch Game is the drag version of the Match Game. Each Drag Queen is asked to prepare their best celebrity impression and answer a series of questions completely in character. It sounds easy for a Queen right? Unfortunately, this challenge can make or break a contestant. Winning the Snatch Game is a coveted accomplishment, and some of the best past winners went on to take the whole competition. With all of that said, let’s get down to how this week shook out.

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We got a special visit from one of THE best, Miss Vanessa Vanjie Mateo. By best I mean in everything other than Snatch Game. Immediately I worry about Crystal Methyd, as she is the least confident in her celebrity choice. Aiden also worries me for the same reasons. Widow’s plan to change characters has been done in the past, but it’s always risky. Otherwise, I am excited to see what all the other Queens bring to the challenge.

Some times ideas are better than reality, and Snatch Game really proves that. Brita’s Jennifer Holiday absolutely tanked. Aiden’s Patricia Quinn was abysmal. While accurate to her personality, Crystal’s Poppy was so weak comedically. Thankfully everyone else did very well, so it was an entertaining Snatch Game overall. I really enjoyed Gigi, Jackie, and Heidi.

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So that lip-sync. Look. Brita did ok. But this is freakin Let It Go. It’s a song that should be performed with every fibre of your being. It’s about freeing yourself from every shackle that holds you down. Both performances felt too… chill (I’m not sorry for that pun). I wanted to see someone really leave everything on the stage. Brita was definitely enthusiastic but it still felt hollow until the end. Having known what the song was in advance I just feel like they could have given more.