Slasher(S03E01) “6am to 9am”

Apologies to my readers, I have been busy with so many things I’m just finally able to get to these reviews now. So let’s get to this review!

Alright so in this first episode we are taken to a night club where a man was being hunted by someone or something. His murder is witnessed by many who live in a nearby apartment building. Given that the masked killer didn’t finish the job cause the victim was then hit by a car and killed. Years later everyone goes about their lives not really worried about anything except for the high schoolers who have homecoming coming up.

However things don’t stay quiet for long. In the present, a man by the name of Frank Dixon (Paulino Dunes) who seems to be stalked by a masked killer. The masked killer takes Franks head and uses it as a hood ornament for Frank’s car. I know gruesome, very gruesome. But that’s the type of violence and chaos we need for a series like this. 

With this first episode (even though I’m late to the whole party) but it seems like it could be the most goriest season yet. I’m really hoping we get more seasons cause I love what this series has to offer. Here’s the question though, whose the masked killer?

 I like the direction they went with this season so far by making technology a basis for the season. Cause if it’s not for technology we wouldn’t have the internet or smart phones or anything. By showing that technology is important to people it allows the viewers to be more hooked into the series and to relate to characters. 

 I also like the direction they are taking with the killer for this season. It seems like they are using a little inspiration from The Purge film series as well as Friday the 13th and a few others. At least from what I’ve observed during this episode. However they’ve been known to fool people in ways before. 

 I’m really looking forward to watching more of the season. I’ve heard great things about it, I’ve even heard that it surpassed expectations with other fans. Which is good, with a horror anthology series you always need to surpass the expectations. With more blood, more gore, more chaos. I’ve been a fan of this horror anthology series ever since the beginning and as I’ve said before I’m looking forward to watching more.

Next Episode: Slasher(S03E02) “9am to 12pm”