Chicago Med (S05E17) “The Ghost from the Past” 100th Episode

The 100th episode of Chicago Med was everything and more in this special episode. Here’s a recap!

secrets are revealed chicago med - Chicago Med (S05E17) "The Ghost from the Past" 100th Episode

April’s health takes a turn for the worst when she experiences a complication from the IVF treatments. Will gets Dr. Asher to treat April, as a sign of trust in the hospital. While it was only a small complication due to overdoing the IVF, April tells Ethan that it’s still her fault because of her kissing Crockett. Ethan didn’t take it well.

Before that had happened, Ethan and Crockett were treating a cop, who took a bullet to save a kid. But during surgery there happens to be another bullet wound years ago. They try to ask him questions about it but the cop kept denying it. After Ethan almost ripped Crockett’s head off, the cop confessed to what had happened and soon tells Platt about it too.

Dr. Charles and Natalie treat a daughter who seems to have no health issue whatsoever but another colleague believes that the mother is medically abusing her daughter. Dr. Charles figures out that it’s not at all what they were thinking but the mother was suffering from PTSD due to seeing her daughter born premature and almost died.

While that was going on, Dr. Charles tries to bond with his 13-year-old daughter, who was in trouble for vaping at school. While Dr. Charles tries to have a conversation with her; it was more of a lecture talk. But after she witnesses him and other doctors with that mother; Dr. Charles takes her away and has a heart-to-heart conversation about not being there for her and he’ll do better.

Throughout the episode, Maggie tries to get her wedding on track but things get complicated at the wire of the event. Ben, who’s been trying to ask to help, comes up with a brilliant wedding at a bowling alley (of all places). After the wedding, the party was on in bowling.

“The Ghost from the Past” was a very good episode. April and Ethan could be on the verge of a breakup. Should we be worried about Natalie with Crockett?  Will and Dr. Asher, while friends could be a thing down the road. While everything in this episode was so good, the Dr. Charles stories and Maggie’s wedding was the standout to me. I thought Anna Belknap was so good and the second CSI: NY actor in the last couple of episodes. Any chance we’ll see her again? That wedding was such fun to watch. I loved how it ended in a way that season two ended with that party. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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