Chicago Med (S05E18) “In The Name of Love”

I guess old habits don’t die off. Here’s a recap!

disagreeing on treatment chicago med - Chicago Med (S05E18) "In The Name of Love"

When Will treats a patient that that has early-onset Alzheimer’s, things didn’t quite so good when the husband should up with her DNR. Will, of course, goes beyond for his patients and believes that she wants help and does. That upsets both Sharon and Dr. Charles, who believes that the patient’s mental state is not so good.

Meanwhile., as Maggie and Ben head to their honeymoon, one of Ben’s students wasn’t well; learns that his foster parent forgot to take him to his dialysis. Meeting the foster parent, she decides to leave him with at Med and DCFS due to her not able to take care of him. That put the honeymoon trip on hold as Maggie and Ben decide to stay with the boy.

Crockett tries to help save a patient to give him more time to see the birth of his child but complications came and the patient died. Natalie, who was not in favor of Crockett’s surgery study, tries to help him get over it. That is until his date comes.

April and Ethan’s relationship could be on the verge of a breakup and after treating a patient whose husband tries to sabotage her diet. Ethan just needs time to still process it all.

“In the Name of Love” was a good episode, coming a bit own from the previous episode. That Will storyline brought back to season one memories; when Will treats a cancer patient that didn’t want help but he did it anyway. I think, just like Jay, that Will has a heart of gold that he wears on his shelves when treating patients. That Maggie-Ben story was so good; even makes me think that they could be the adoptive parents to that kid. While the patient that Ethan and April were treating was a bit predictable, it did play to what the couple was dealing with in secrets and forgiveness. Overall, I give this episode an 8.5/10.

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