Chicago Fire (S08E19) “Light Things Up”

When in doubt, never go to work on your wedding day. Here’s a recap!

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Wednesday night’s episode of Chicago Fire was crazy, emotional and ended on a happy ending. But one thing is for sure that if it’s your Wedding day, never do what Cruz had done. It’s Cruz’s wedding day and to get the jitters away he decides to work the shift. That might have been a bad idea as residents from another side of Chicago decides to take a stand by protesting at Firehouse 51 about their firehouse station being closed.

Things get escalated when more protesters taking over Firehouse 51; even the CFD PR guy couldn’t calm the situation down. Casey goes to the alderman of that community and gets him to come down to talk with the protesters. But when one of the protesters suffered from crushed syndrome; Foster saves him by making an incision in the guy’s arm.

Soon things go from bad to worst when a brawl occurs but the CPD comes in to make arrests; Cruz is found on the ground and knocked out with a cut in his head.  Back at Med, Cruz is cleared and gets ready for the wedding but the rest of 51 meets with the protester to show what Gallo and Ritter had done on social media that made both shared their message of one community.

Meanwhile, during the chaos at 51, Brett is grieving the loss of her biological mother; Casey, Kidd, and Foster are there to help her. She gets a surprising visit from Julie’s husband to tell her that he can’t take care of the child and tells her either she takes her or gives her up for adoption. She tells Casey about the situation and he confronts her; telling her that no matter what she decides that he’ll support her. After the chaos ended, she sees Julie’s husband and advises him of whether to give her sister up for adoption or not.

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With only minutes to spare in the episode, we finally get to the wedding and what a wedding it was for Chicago Fire. As Chole walks up down the aisle, she sees Cruz’s cut and tells him she loves him as he tells her too.  As they said their “I dos” the celebration begins and everything ended with smiles and maybe future engagements.

“Light Things Up” was the episode that didn’t disappoint at all. Yeah, we knew a wedding was coming into this episode but in the Chicago Fire style, we must deal with drama before celebrating with happy tears. This episode had so much balance with humor, emotions, and thrills that kind felt like a bottle episode but in a way didn’t. I kind of wish there was a digital clip or episode of what Cruz’s bachelor party was like. I want to know what Severide pulled off.

But the message or theme in this episode was as good as it could have been, and it’s still a message that we need right now. It had that powerful moment like in the “A Chicago Welcome” episode.

While Cruz’s wedding and protest situation were good and all; the Brett storyline was so good as well. That storyline was so powerful in a way for even Brett to deal with; as she either adopts her sister or her sister goes up for adoption. But I think that her talk with Julie’s husband had changed his mind. Plus I just ate up that Brett and Casey scene. Whether or not they end up together, I love their friendship. And I expect new music videos on YouTube of those scenes will be up by the weekend.

Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

What did you think of the wedding? What did you think o Brett’s situation? Do you think that Julie’s husband will take care of the child? Disappointed that we didn’t get to see that Brett and Casey scene at the wedding? Leave a comment and tell us your thought. Follow us and discuss at @TVSeriesHub   and @abaker20.

You can catch the final episode of the season of Chicago Fire next Wednesday at 9/8c on NBC.