Chicago Med (S05E19) “Just a River in Egypt”

Welcome to the rapid river that is Chicago Med. Here’s a recap!

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This week’s episode of Chicago Med had a lot going on so let us get into it right here. Maggie and Ben have been with that little boy for a few weeks and is soon to be adopted. But the kid’s health takes a turn for the worst and to make matters even worst the DCFS turns down for the kid to have a procedure. After the kid’s health was hanging in the balance; he finally got the procedure but the adoptive parents backed out. Not to worry, Maggie and Ben will adopt him. Yes!

Will and Hannah’s relationship could be serious after spending the last few weeks at her place. They treat a patient who’s pregnant but also risking her own life to have a baby while battling brain cancer. Her condition takes a turn for the worst as time and treatments go; Hannah and Will follow the patient’s order to help save her baby no matter what, even that’s against her husband’s wishes. Not only did the pregnancy had to be terminated, but the mother had died as well. Curry sees the relationship between Will and Hannah and wonders if their relationship is clouding his judgment. I wouldn’t deny it.

Sharon gets good news about her son staying in Chicago and working at Med. But worries about the job after seeing him trying to figure out how to be friends with the other doctors of what they like and such.

The main event deals with Ethan, April, and Crockett. When two patients come to the ED, Ethan questions whether or not his patient jumped off the bridge to the other patient’s car. He and Dr. Charles try to deal with the parents but the father wouldn’t come to see eye to eye. Ethan makes a drastic move by awakening Crockett’s patient to get her word if that patient jumped or was pushed off the bridge. That upset Crockett and lets Ethan take a swing at him.

After that had happened, Ethan had a talked with Dr. Charles about their patient and comes to terms that it’s not Crockett he’s mad at but April. At home, he awaits April’s arrival and tells her that he’ll be at a hotel until she finds a new place. Ouch!

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“Just a River in Egypt” was a very good episode. I felt that this episode was on overdrive at times with Ethan/April/Crockett along with Will and Hannah. I think I’m with Curry about how Will’s relationship with Hannah might have put their patient in jeopardy. Could have there been another outcome? Probably. I thought Ethan had a powerful storyline in this episode dealing with the patient that may or may not had jumped off the bridge and a controlling father. Plus figuring out who he should be mad at that turned out to be April and not Crockett.

We’ve have had a lot of drama going into this season with Ethan and April in the relationship department. Something tells me that there might be one last effort to save this relationship and coming into next week’s episode with what looks like Ethan puts himself on the line.

Maggie and Ben was something that I saw coming; but still made me happy for the characters to step up to help this kid. I mean, the previous episode you knew that after they skipped their honeymoon to stay with that kid, they’re gonna adopted him.

The episode had good character development with Ethan and Maggie and Ben. Overall, I give this episode an 8.5/10.

What did you think about last night’s episode? Do you think April and Ethan’s relationship bouncing back or is it truly the end? Does Will’s relationship with Hannah scare you? Leave a comment and tell us your thoughts. You can follow us on Twitter at @TVSeriesHub and  @abaker20.

You can catch the last episode of the season of Chicago Med next Wednesday at 8/7c on NBC.