Killing Eve Season 2 Recap

Season 2 of Killing Eve begins with the aftermath of Eve stabbing Villanelle in her Paris apartment. Eve deals with PTSD effects from her actions and as the season unravels, so does Eve. We see her reluctantly ask Carolyn to join her team again and try to retain a semblance of a marriage with Niko. Villanelle, on the other hand, recovers from her injury with minimal damage to her psychopathic tendencies. She sees Eve’s stabbing as a romantic gesture as she tells Gabriel, the boy recovering next to her. Before leaving the hospital, she snaps his neck in a sympathetic (for her) move. She escapes into the back of a man’s car and makes friends with another psychopath, Julian, at the grocery store.

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Villanelle killing Gabriel [credit: IMDb]

Vulnerable Villanelle (for a second)

Julian is manipulated by Elizabeth (Villanelle’s pretend name) to offer her a place to stay. But Julian turns out to be a creepy dude who puts his fingers into her mouth, locks her inside his house and offers her “hottie botties”. His home is full of dolls and as time goes on, he and Villanelle fight it out. This mini storyline is important as we see her reaching out to Eve for help. Eve doesn’t make it on time but we realize how important they both have become to each other. It catalyzes the cat and mouse chase between Eve and Villanelle this season.

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Creepy Julian’s fingers in Villanelle’s mouth [credit: IMDb]

Distracted Eve and Other Manipulations

Eve starts work on a mildly healthy note and makes new friends. She meets the rakish Hugo, competent Jess and reunites with Kenny for Operation Mandalay. A new serial killer, the Ghost, is introduced whose killing style is super subtle. Villanelle on the other hand shifts handlers. She kills one guy and then works with Raymond for a while. There is a significant power struggle between the two and hence, she moves onto Konstantin again, who makes a surprising comeback. We discover that Carolyn is holding his family hostage. Villanelle shows jealousy of The Ghost as well as Niko. She sends Eve lipstick to connect herself to a murder and demand attention from her. And because she is Villanelle, she doesn’t stop there. She manipulates Gemma, a colleague of Niko, to make a move on him and get him to betray Eve.

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Villanelle heartbroken due to Eve [credit: IMDb]

Peel Case

The central plotline of season 2 has to do with the Peel family. Upon instruction from Carolyn, Eve officially starts an investigation on the death of Alistair Peel, which was a hint left by Nadia in the prison from season 1. The murder is connected to The Ghost. We see the Ghost captured and interrogated by Eve, but she does not give anything away. During this time, Villanelle is freelance killing in Amsterdam and unsuccessfully trying to get Eve’s attention and finding herself bored. Unsuccessful Eve decides to put a hit on herself to reach Villanelle, who helps crack The Ghost. It is found that the kills were ordered by Alistair Peele’s son, Aaron, who is selling a weapon. The weapon is access to unlimited surveillance data on anybody and everybody.

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Villanelle and Konstantin in an Amsterdam club [credit: IMDb]

Tensions in Eve’s marriage

Villanelle visits Niko and tells all. Things between Niko and Eve have been rocky as Eve has been constantly distracted by work. It initially doesn’t work as they have a night of wild, kinky sex but later, we find out that he is miserable. He decides to leave Eve and move into Gemma’s place. Eve tracks him down, destroys Gemma’s possessions and has a fight with him, which signifies the beginning of the end of their relationship.

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Eve and Villanelle’s face off [credit: IMDb]

Villanelle: A Freelancer for MI6

To infiltrate and investigate Aaron Peele, MI6 hires Villanelle, who adopts the persona of “Billie”. Billie is a social media influencer who tries to connect to Aaron’s recovering addict sister, Amber in an AA meeting. She meets his brother for dinner at their house. He is suspicious of her and thinks of her as a gold-digger. Furiously, she slaps him in the face and leaves. They later make up as he asks her to forgive him and invites her to Rome. Eve is dissuaded by Kenny to go as he finds her too obsessive. Carolyn, however, gives orders that no murdering must happen. But Eve is set and makes her way into a 2-star restaurant with Hugo.

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Villanelle as “Billie” meeting Aaron for the first time [credit: IMDb]

Niko and Villanelle

Villanelle pays a visit to Niko to learn Eve’s favorite food recipe. She is on a high as Eve is constantly messaging her. However, when she asks Niko about his interest in Gemma, she gets mad. She kills Gemma and leaves her dead next to Niko, who is traumatized by the whole incident.

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Gemma and Niko cowering to Villanelle [credit: IMDb]

A Roman Affair

While in Rome, Aaron’s personality is revealed. He is repulsed by people but constantly watches them. He has a hidden camera, which he uses to spy on Villanelle. Villanelle finds out that he is a capable murderer himself. She visits him as he is meeting with Raymond (the handler) about the weapon deal. Meanwhile Eve, after having slept with Hugo while listening to Villanelle, is met by surprise gunmen who shoot Hugo. She leaves him behind on Villanelle’s bequest and rushes to save her.

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Eve and Villanelle after Raymond’s murder [credit: IMDb]


Aaron tries to convince Villanelle to kill Eve but she murders him instead. Eve is in shock and meets Carolyn back at the hotel only to discover that everything has been wiped clean. Carolyn confirms that the whole operation went according to plan and Eve feels betrayed. On the other side, Villanelle discovers she has been betrayed by Konstantin for his family. Eve and Villanelle are asked to betray each other but they deny. Villanelle successfully convinces Eve to brutally murder Raymond, but Eve later finds out that Villanelle had a gun. They fight and disagree about their future. Consequently, Villanelle shoots Eve.

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Eve and Villanelle among Roman ruins [credit: IMDb]

Important Questions Going Into Season 3

  • Who is Carolyn? She stays one of the most mysterious characters on the show. She looks impenetrable in the face of disaster and is in control of way more than we know.
  • Who are The Twelve? So far, they have been alluded to in both seasons and the only person with direct connections to them was Raymond, the dead handler.
  • Does Villanelle have a family? Konstantin alludes to it in this season. We don’t know why Villanelle doesn’t live with them or even know of them if that’s the case.
  • Besides himself, who is Konstantin most loyal to? His loyalties have shifted between his family, Carolyn, and Villanelle a lot this season. While on the surface it seems like he is most loyal to his family, he and Carolyn have a connection outside of work. He also cannot bring himself to leave Villanelle behind. At any point, he is not completely honest with anybody.
  • How does Eve survive? This is the most boring and unimportant one as we know she will.

Season 3 of Killing Eve returns on Sunday, April 12th at 9/8c on BBC America and AMC.