Paul Amos & Rachel Skarsten chat about “HOMECON”

Born out of a quarantined world of isolation, actors Paul Amos (Jupiter’s Legacy, Lost Girl, Assassin’s Creed) and Rachel Skarsten (Batwoman, Lost Girl, Reign) are thrilled to announce “HOMECON”, the new face of comic cons. TV Series Hub had a chat with Paul and Rachel.

HOMECON TV SERIES HUB INTERVIEW 1024x318 - Paul Amos & Rachel Skarsten chat about "HOMECON"
Paul Amos and Rachel Skarsten chat about HOMECON
[Credit: Viktor Radics & James Arthurs]

What is “HOMECON”?

Paul: It’s a virtual convention held on twitch that you can watch from home.

When is it?

Paul: April 10-11

How did you guys get involved with “HOMECON”?

Rachel: Paul came up with it after doing zooms one on one with fans and wanted to extend it.

Paul: I told Rachel I had one of my crazy ideas from my Zoom chats with fans.

Rachel: (Laughing) Usually, they don’t work out so well, but this one was great.

How did you get so many others involved in it so quickly?

Rachel: When other actors heard about it, they wanted to get involved. The acting community is very small with one degree of separation, everyone knows everyone from these shows we’ve worked on. Once they found out about it, they jumped on board.

Paul: 10% of the profits are going to help first responders charity First Responders First dealing with COVID-19 to help fund the purchases of PPE to keep them safe on the front lines. The actors are also donating parts of their proceeds to individual charities they champion as well.

How did this come together so fast? It seems like it came together almost over night.

Paul: Yeah, this was just an idea I had 11 days ago. We hired some great tech quys to set up the twitch stream, the website, etc. and that helped.

Tell us what is going to be available at “HOMECON” and how does this all work?

Paul: There will be 14 panels featuring the actors from Lost Girl, Wynonna Earp, Assassin’s Creed, The Expanse, Stranger Things and more; as well as Zoom 1-1 chats for $50.00 for five minutes.

What makes “HOMECON” unique?

Paul: The fact that it’ll be more accessible to people with special needs, they’ll have an ASL interpreter and it’s a more inclusive event for people dealing with social disorders or anxieties that normally prevent them from attending in person conventions.

Rachel: We love the conventions that we’ve been doing, and being able to meet fans in person. Obviously, with what’s going on, we can’t do that for a while. We wanted to still feel that feeling of community one gets from these events.

How can people watch it?

Paul: It’ll be on Twitch, which is normally a platform used for gaming. We’ll have a website up by April 6 or 7 and you’ll be able to find all the information about individual events and services there.

How much does this cost?

Paul: HomeCon is 4.99 for both days for the panels. If you have Amazon Prime you can join in for free. Once you’re in, there will be other add ons available for purchase.

Do you think this will revolutionize how conventions are held in the future?

Rachel: We hope so.

Paul: We’re thinking about fans that can’t normally afford to fly or can fly for various reasons. It’s a way to connect in these times and still have that one on one with our fans that we love without leaving their houses. It’s cheaper, of course, and less stressful.

Rachel: We love meeting our fans in person, of course, but we hope we can do these in tandem in the future as well.

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