The Blacklist (S07E14) “Twamie Ullulaq”

The Blacklist episode Twamie Ullulaq gave us a respite from Washington, DC and sent the task force up to Alaska. And why? Seems Red’s (James Spader) shipping containers have gone missing in the Alaska Triangle. Yes, it’s totally a thing.

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The missing containers located – under water – Red set the task force on the trail of who absconded with the truck drivers and cargo. Finding who stole his goods could solve the man-made mystery of the triangle. If you remember, Alaska has a connection to Agent Park (Laura Sohn), understandably reluctant to return to her old stomping ground. But on orders from Cooper (Harry Lennix), Park, Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff) and Liz (Megan Boone) head to the 49th State.

After a very cool reception at the Anchorage Field Office, Park gets a tip on the shift manager on duty when Red’s containers disappeared. Armed with this information, Ressler and Liz pay Maxwell Barrett (Stephen Payne) a visit. At first the old man laughs off the missing trucks as an accident. Ressler, thinking this is a waste of time soon has his mind changed, when after excusing himself, Max comes back in, guns blazing. After a brief firestorm, Ressler shoots him, but now they’ve lost any more info the old dude could provide. That is, until they discover a computer room filled with shipment and consignment tracking.

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Red hadn’t been idle. While his shipment was stolen, he knew who got it. In Italy at a perfume store, Red smells the samples, delighting in them. He detects the secret ingredient – ambergris – from his own shipment. After shattering the VERY expensive container and threatening to smash another, the perfumer gives up the name Red needs. Twamie Ullulaq, a civilian trained by the US Government to defend the homeland, in exchange for land. And when the Cold War ended, the government then reneged on the land deal, leaving one very disgusted Twamie. And so the Alaska Triangle was born, as his revenge.

So, with Park as bait, driving a semi truck through the Alaska Triangle, and Ressler and Liz following, the task force set off. They bypass an accident that appeared to be a trap, but the real trap was at the weigh bridge. Park disappears, along with the truck, courtesy of Twamie’s men. With her earpiece left in the snow, Ressler and Liz have no way to contact Park. Meanwhile, Park is locked in an empty trailer with one lone occupant. One of Red’s truck drivers, freezing cold, having been there for days.

As Ressler and Liz, with the help of the Anchorage Field Office, look for Park, she is talking to her fellow captor. We get the back story on what happened to Park in Alaska. Her mother, a drug addict, died because of drugs supplied by Edward Lussier (Gideon Emery) – the man in the truck with her. Coincidence? Of course not. But despite their past, when Park escapes the container, Lussier accompanies her.  On their own in the snowy wilderness, Lussier steps into a bear trap. Park could leave him there to die, but heads off for help.

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As Ressler and Liz close in on Twamie’s camp, and breach, Park is gone. It’s clear Twamie’s men are looking for Park, so following the radio calls, Ressler and Liz head off in search of her. As they find her, Park leads them back to Lussier, her mother’s former boyfriend. Back in DC, Park visits Red, and over wine she admits the real story. Lussier provided the heroin to her mother. But with Lussier gone, and her mother begging for some, Park, only 7, injected her mother. At first it was peaceful, but then her mother died, overdosing on the heroin Park had injected. She had killed her mother.

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And knowing that Park would be haunted by what happened, Red contrived a plan to put Park with Lussier. Only this way could Park move on, and put the past behind her. And stop being a ninja assassin at every turn? Hopefully.

Aram (Amir Arison) didn’t join them in Alaska. With Elodie’s (Elizabeth Bogush) husband dying, a suspicious Aram talked to Red. If Elodie had killed Charles, Aram would need to arrest her. Oh, and he’d totally have to break up with her.  All Aram has to do is get a sample of Charle’s blood to analyze. Which Aram does, right under Elodie’s nose at the funeral home. And blood sample in hand, he passes it off to Red’s mysterious, bike riding courier that night.

Aram also pulls the case file on Les Fleurs du Mal, where he’d first met Elodie. And wouldn’t you know it, she had arranged the entire thing. Right down to choosing herself to ‘die’ while Aram was there. And when the blood sample results came back, it proved Elodie had killed Charles. Aram arrests her, takes her to the Post Office, and  while still pleading her innocence, a handcuffed Elodie was led away, (hopefully) never to be seen again. Once again proving that Aram should maybe just forget about a love life!

And through this episode, Ressler was ignoring calls from “Trouble” on his phone. Turns out, Trouble is Ressler’s brother, Robbie.  A story that we will get in an upcoming episode, “Brothers”.

The Blacklist airs on Friday at 8/7c on NBC.

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