Grey’s Anatomy (S16E21) “Put On a Happy Face”

This weeks episode of Grey’s Anatomy titled “Put On a Happy Face” was this seasons finale! However as this final was unintentional, due to filming having to be put on told because of the current pandemic, it seems only fair to review it as if it was a normal weekly episode and not the finale. So even though this episode unsurprisingly lacked what you would normal see in a Grey’s finale, including a dramatic ending, it still included many highs and lows! Here are some of the main themes/storylines of the episode:

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Richards Diagnosis 

After weeks of all the doctors at Grey Sloan coming together and hectically trying to work out what is wrong with ex chief Richard Webber (James Pickens JR). Once again many of the doctors seemed adamant that Alzheimer’s was the cause of Webber’s suffering and were strongly encouraging Meredith (Ellen Pompeo), to accept it and stop putting Webber through more unnecessary and painful tests. However Meredith continues to be adamant that it is not Alzheimers, and continues encouraging the doctors to get to the bottom of Richards diagnosis!

Eventually it is Deluca (Giacomo Gianniotti) that manages to finally crack the code, and works out that the cause of Richard’s suffering is an old hip replacement which was reacting badly to his body. After a successful surgery Richard is finally cured and we can all breathe a side of relief! However the ending to this storyline was not quite that happy one we were all hoping for. As when Richard finally woke up from his surgery the first thing he did was angrily kick his wife Catherine (Debbie Allen) out of the room, as he is still evidently incredibly angry at her. I cant help but breathe a long sigh of frustration out, as I thought all this unnecessary drama between this couple was finally over, but evidently I was wrong. Are we able to have any happy couples on the show these days?

Amelia in Labour 

After the false alarm in last weeks episode, this week finally saw Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) go into labour! Starting off with some great comedic moments from Scorsone, with Amelia just casually walking away after her water broke and apologising for the mess that she made on the floor. More chaos followed as Link (Chris Carmack) was urgently rushed away from Amelia’s side, due to having to operate on Richard.

However Amelia was far from alone during labour as Bailey (Chandra Wilson) was by her side the whole time. I very much enjoyed the scenes between these two women, as I have said in many of my reviews I desperately want to see some good female friendships back on the show, and this episode gave me that! It was so touching to see Bailey showing her support to Amelia, especially after the heartbreaking miscarriage Bailey experienced this season. Also found the parallels to the scenes of when George helped Bailey give birth way back in season two, very touching and nostalgic. I hope we will see more of this beautiful friendship between these two characters in future seasons.

However I have to admit I am very disappointed with the way that Amelias pregnancy storyline was written this season. As those who have seen Private Practice know, Amelia is an incredibly complex character who has suffered through a lot of trauma, including giving birth to a baby who had already died. Yet somehow all of her trauma seemed to have been completely ignored during this storyline, and thrown away for a completely pointless and overused “who’s the baby daddy” storyline. This is a massive disservice to Amelia’s character and all the character development that she had been through over the years! However I am very happy that Amelia was finally able to give birth to a healthy baby and have it with a man that she loves. It was a beautiful moment at the end of the episode seeing Amelia and Link looking so happy with their baby, as after all that Amelia has been through and experienced she deserves this happiness!

Teddy and Owen’s Wedding Disaster 

This episode was supposed to be when Teddy (Kim Raver) and Owen (Kevin McKidd)  tied the knot, however it was more than obvious that it was going to end in shambles! The ongoing and painful love triangle between Owen, Teddy and Tom (Greg German) continued this episode, with Teddy telling Tom that she loves him and sleeping with him the same day she was supposed to be marrying Owen!! I can’t stop screaming at how out of character Teddy has been written lately, as the character that I know and love would never do anything like this! 

After weeks of this affair taking place, Owen found out, in what was an incredibly brutal way! As whilst Teddy was with Tom she accidentally left Owen a voice male which was played out loud whilst Owen was in the middle of surgery! I would almost feel sorry for Owen if he didn’t mistreat every women that he was with (including Teddy), some could argue that this was karma! When Owen was finally alone he listened to the rest of the voice mail where Teddy told Tom that it was goodbye and that she was marrying Owen. WHAT THE HELL IS TEDDY DOING?? The episode ended with Teddy being dressed and ready to get married and then witnessing all the decorations and set up being taken down, she is then informed by Owen’s mum that the wedding has been rescheduled as Owen has to deal with ‘a last minute emergency’ at the hospital. 

I am aware that sound I sound like a broken record, as I have said this in many of my previous reviews but Grey’s desperately need to give Teddy a friend (preferably a female one). It is evident that Teddy is acting unlike herself and is acting incredibly self destructive, so a good friend that can help her is desperately needed! Teddy has been suffering from many conflicting emotions and possible PTSD, so if she had someone to talk to a lot of her actions could have been prevented, as she could have received some useful advice and support! not to mention that Teddy has been back for three seasons now, so its ridiculous that her only interaction have mostly been with Owen and Tom! I’m hoping that next season we will finally see Teddy get the help thatch needs, as after all the trauma that she has been through, her receiving any help to get through it has never been discussed or witnessed on the show!


So thats the end of another season of Grey’s Anatomy! I hopefully shall see you all soon to review season 17. Until then I hope you all take care of yourselves and stay safe. See you later this year!