Killing Eve (S03E01) “Slowly Slowly Catchy Monkey”

“You can hide from it but it won’t hide from you.”

Season 2 of Killing Eve ended on a cliffhanger with Villanelle shooting Eve in Rome and walking away. For a more in-depth recap of season 2, check out this post. Let’s begin with a recap of tonight’s episode. Warning: SPOILERS AHEAD! 

The episode opens in 1974 Moscow with a girl practicing some gymnastic moves on a bar. We find out her name is Dasha and watch her brutally murder her supposed boyfriend for distracting her. She leaves him with an open mouth and throws chalk all over his face. This moment establishes her as an essential character for this season.

Wedding Massacre

We are then transported to a wedding in Barcelona. And guess who’s the bride? VILLANELLE! We find that she met her bride (Maria) at the airport and decided to pursue her. Her interest in Maria is QUITE superficial, and she just wants to move on from Eve (also, the perks include so many luxuries). There are wedding speeches and dances and cake cutting. But this beautiful scene does not last super long. Dasha is awaiting Villanelle’s attention and soon after, Villanelle charges at her. And then there is ultimate chaos.

review1 200x300 - Killing Eve (S03E01) “Slowly Slowly Catchy Monkey”
Villanelle at her wedding [credit: IMDb]

Upset Carolyn 

Meanwhile, Carolyn complains to a young agent, Moh Jaffari, about bureaucracy and how it prevents work from getting done. She is being given a supervisor (Paul) after all her unauthorized actions in season 2. Paul sounds like a hack who transferred from the Foreign Office to work at MI6. Her formal chastening involves getting reprimanded by her boss, Diane and giving away her office to Paul.

The Dasha Dilemma

Dasha courts Villanelle into working for The Twelve again by enticing her with more money, better travel and bigger apartment. When that doesn’t work, she strokes her ego. But Villanelle is not having it. She wants to know why. And Dasha reluctantly folds. She wants to go back to Russia, and The Twelve promised to send her there if she can recruit Villanelle and get her working well. Villanelle uses this to negotiate the position of a Keeper for herself, which as we find out is higher than both Konstantin and Dasha’s rank. However, The Twelve agree to offer her the position after she proves herself. Dasha assigns her a murder and Villanelle recreates Dasha’s 1974 Moscow murder scene.

review2 300x200 - Killing Eve (S03E01) “Slowly Slowly Catchy Monkey”
Villanelle in disguise [credit: IMDb]

Konstantin’s Secrets

Konstantin makes an appearance and buys a London fridge magnet. His many phones physically depict the many directions his loyalties are being divided. He claims the magnet is for his daughter who hates London. When he gets home, he receives voice messages from a coworker and Irina. We find out that he hasn’t returned to his family and his marriage has fallen apart. Somebody is threatening him to finish a report. He receives food and a pamphlet from an anonymous person, which ominously says “Time to go fishing”.

Kenny and Eve

Furthermore, Kenny shows up and has a new job and maybe even a secret girlfriend. He works at BitterPill (an online publishing company) as a journalist and is unable to stop investigating the deaths of Frank Haleton and Fat Panda (from season 1). Apparently, there is some unusual activity in their financial accounts. He tells Eve but she is not interested. He spars with his mom about unpacking, but we get hints that maybe Kenny misses working for her.

Finally, we meet Eve, who is dressed shabbier than normal and shopping at a Korean grocery store. She has a new job through her auntie at a Korean restaurant. Fondly, she makes Korean dumplings and we see her rejecting the offer to work out front instead of the kitchen. She has moved out of her apartment with Niko and lives in a shabby place. She and Kenny reconnect due to toilet paper. We find out that she survived because some tourists found her. She claims that she has moved on from Villanelle a little too vehemently and is in touch with Niko. She goes to meet him and they argue with Niko airing his complaints about their relationship. Frustrated with life, Eve decides to hang out with Kenny and goes to meet him at his office only to find that somebody has thrown him off the roof.

review3 300x200 - Killing Eve (S03E01) “Slowly Slowly Catchy Monkey”
Eve at her new job [credit: IMDb]

Final Thoughts

This episode basically sets us up with where everybody is at after the events of Rome. Dasha is a fun addition and it will be interesting to see how her dynamic with Villanelle evolves. I sense some underlying nastiness in their relationship. She is a part of Villanelle’s mysterious past. Their relationship is portrayed as a mentor-mentee relationship that might have turned sour. But we see Villanelle grudgingly respect her even if she doesn’t trust her.

Hopefully, we will see a slightly more put together Eve in the next few episodes. She seems to have hit an all-time low at the moment. We know investigation invigorates Eve. It seems like Kenny’s murder is going to set Eve up to work again with MI6. Villanelle is still under the illusion that Eve is dead. I wonder how long that will last.

I am also curious to see Carolyn’s reaction to Kenny’s death. They had a complicated relationship but after all, they are related. Additionally, Konstantin’s secret friends interest me. Are these people from The Twelve or FSB or some other third party? We didn’t get much from him in this episode. All in all, this was a great start to a new season. Lots of questions but sufficient answers. The fishing analogy is quite apt. We were reeled in this episode and I found myself engaged throughout. Some of my favorite parts were the more humorous moments towards the beginning of the episode.


  • “The real winners sacrifice everything.” So it is like that, huh, Dasha! 
  • “If I had known getting married would be this much fun, I would have done it loads more by now.” LOL VILLANELLE
  • “When I first met Maria, I thought great shoes. But then I learnt there is so much to her than that. She also has a great house and pool and tailor. Hairdresser. Really is the all-round excellent package.” Villanelle is trying her best to be a clown this season.
  • That shot of Dasha and Villanelle in the “Just Married” car with their bruised faces and unkempt hair is chef’s kiss.
  • “I am back now with bells on.” “So we can hear you coming.” Carolyn’s deadpan humor game is strong.
  • “Divorces are easy. It’s marriages that are impossibly hard.” FINE wisdom from Carolyn
  • Dasha and Villanelle choking each other to bond is a MOOD. Their chemistry together is I-C-O-N-I-C. 
  • Dasha’s “slowly slowly catchy monkey” to Villanelle and her instantly annoyed face is like my mother telling me everything will be ok when I lost a job.
  • “When you really, really want to piss her off, you say Russia is a corrupt state, clinging to the shadows of its Soviet glory.” Legend has it that Villanelle is the most hilarious character to ever exist.
  • Konstantin’s ringing phone finding mission is all of us with our zoom calls in quarantine. Also, can we just stare at him for a few hours? This reviewer totally did.
  • What is it with everybody’s fascination with some form of candy or snacks in this episode? Dasha has korushka. Kenny’s office friend complains about lost haribo candy and Eve brings some green colored thing to Niko.
  • “Who says I wanna be happy?” SAME, EVE, SAME!!

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