RuPaul’s Drag Race (S12E07) “Madonna: The Unauthorized Rusical”


Oh, boy are we in for a treat this week, the annual Rusical! This has become one of those challenges that any contestant can expect to face. Every year has a different theme, and every year it is a clear indication of how strong the Queens are. I was surprised it took this long to do one about Madonna, but thankfully we don’t have to wait another day. 

There were no teams or leaders this week as the Queens were asked to cast the roles themselves. For the most part, everyone got their first choice, the exception being GiGi. Let’s be real I think she could kill any role she’s given, and that can not be said about all of the girls. Rehearsals soon follow, with the edit, of course, making it seem like most of them were shaky. I did worry at first, I really did. Holy crow was I wrong to worry. In my opinion, every single Queen knocked it out of the park. Even the couple that was on the weaker end was still incredibly entertaining.

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As for the runway, it was the cherry on top of a great episode; The Night of 1000 Michelle Visage’s! As all of you know, Michelle has been an integral part of the show for years. While some fans have criticized her tendency to play favourites, I’ve always found her to be relatively fair. She has been an excellent authority on pop culture, fashion, and of course LGBT history. She definitely deserved the highlight, and everyone executed their looks quite well. It helps that the girls had so much great material to pick from! I agreed with the judges as far as who was top and who was bottom, but I gotta say this.

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Jan was robbed. I, the resident GiGi Stan, believe that Jan should have won this week. Her performance in the Rusical was absolute perfection. She nailed every move, note, and nuance. On top of that, her Michelle look was instant gold. It was easily recognizable by any fan and was extremely well received by the judges. It was an absolute highway robbery that Jan didn’t win. She earned it. Seeing the way she broke when they said she was safe made me really feel for her. From what I’ve seen, fellow Queen’s and fans alike feel the same. Of course, I love GiGi. I’m still happy for her. I just also believe that sometimes the judges get things wrong.