Bull (S04E19) “The Sovereigns”

It started when FBI agents, enter a courtroom. It’s a euthanized case and the officers are in to arrest the defendant, nurse Jansen (Jennifer Mudge) although she’s made a deal.

In an oversight, the prosecuting attorney, ADA Boyd (Alex Trow) did not bind the deal, with the feds. Euthanasia is a federal offense Judge Duggan (Kelcy Griffin) sees an arrest is imminent. She calls a recess in her chambers

‘Returning to the bench; the witness is gone. The Feds call to Duggan, “Step off the bench!”She’s charged with aiding and abetting and obstruction of justice. She’s cuffed in her courtroom and facing 25 years in prison, disbarment, and loss of license.

However, Duggan claims she acted for justice. Court has to be a safe place or nobody will come! ‘Yes”, she allowed Jansen to leave by back door, to seek counsel before turning herself in. Justice should not be compromised.

She’s guided by the spirit of the law, not the letter of it. The FBI violated and obstructed justice, by entering her courtroom in the 1st place! So it’s the US vs. Duggan.She goes to Bull. She says “please”

Known for her different types of sentencing, she has a million followers on Twitter! Judge Hollingsworth (Xander Berkeley) presiding is not a fan. He denies a motion to dismiss (well she did it!) and orders a Gag order. No “twittering!”We’re going to trial.

This isn’t one of my usual “must see”, yet I liked it! No one is above the Law, regardless of the circumstances, situation, conditions, yes? We’re to respect the process, regardless of the outcome.

So at this point, I’m wondering how many rabbits TAC will pull out of their hats and what’s up there sleeves?! Duggan was found guilty on all counts. With 12 minutes left in the episode, I’m on the edge of my seat.

In the final minutes of sentencing, Benny had James Wheeler (Donald Paul),up his sleeve, telling  a story, from “back in the day” Benny then reminded, His Honor, Judge Hollingsworth of his use of Judicial Sovereignty; “my courtroom, my rules”  in James’ case.  Indeed. Making, “Why” an invalid question!

The jury’s verdict was set aside.  Not guilty!


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