Bob Hearts Abishola (S01E19) “Angry,Happy,Same Face”

bob hearts abishola b2c cpds 1920x1080 45137 1920x1080 - Bob Hearts Abishola (S01E19) "Angry,Happy,Same Face"Hello Lovers of Bob Hearts Abishola! For a recap on the previous episode, of Bob hearts Abishola,  see here.

Last week, we saw how Bob reconcile with his ex, Lorraine. We also saw Lorraine insinuate that maybe there was something more between herself and Bob. In this episode, she showed just how crafty she can be.

With Lorraine out of the hospital, she visits Dottie in an attempt to make amends. Bob takes an exception to her visit but Abishola brushes him off insisting that Lorraine is harmless. Lorraine visits the house several days in a row under the guise of catching up with Dottie.

On one of the days, Olu and Tunde wiggle themselves into the Wheeler house and meet Lorraine. Lorraine suggests they stay for dinner and she invites herself to stay too. Abishola is not having it however and asks Lorraine to leave. Everyone supports Abishola and Lorraine leaves with Tunde asking her to encourage Gary to accept his friend request.

Elsewhere, Goodwin and Kofo try to get Douglas to encourage Christina to stop going after Kofo as her advances becomes even more obvious. They however take exception when she bakes a rather disturbing cake in Kofo’s image. They take the issue to Douglas and he mentions that this is not the first time something like this has occurred.

The episode ends with Bob and Douglas shipping Christina off to some massage therapy (Fancy word for rehab) with horses in Arizona for a month, while Kofo and Goodwin take an all expense paid vacation in Hawaii.

On this episode of Bob hearts Abishola, we get to see that assertive Nigerian mother that we have come to love in Abishola in this episode. Also, any episode that brings to fore the dynamism of Kofo and Goodwin is a winner in my books. This episode gets a definite 9/10 for me.

Bob hearts Abishola airs Tuesdays on CBS .

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