Bob Hearts Abishola (S01E20) “Randy’s a Wrangler”

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The tentative season finale of Bob Hearts Abishola is upon us and we cannot help but gush about it. See here for a recap on the previous episode.

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Its always fun and a little offensive to see Dottie on screen. The episode opens with Abishola driving Dottie to the Neurologist at 28 mph. While in the elevator, they run into Hank (John Ratzenberger), a fellow patient in recovery. Dottie and Hank hit it off immediately but she refuses to pursue it any further. Bob and Abishola encourages her to explore the initial connection. They later meet for coffee and Dottie had an amazing time while Hank’s care giver Guy (Leonard Roberts) tries to hit on Abishola but she rebuffs him.

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Elsewhere, Bob and Douglas video chat Christina in Arizona. She reveals she’s doing better and has met a new man, Randy, who happens to be a wrangler. Lol! She insists she’s doing better but Douglas and Bob are not convinced.

Meanwhile, Dottie having bitten off Abishola’s head off for interfering in her life calls her to apologize. Abishola in turn arranges with Guy for Hank and Dottie to meet on one of their rehabilitation exercises. The two have an amazing time to the awe of everyone present and Abishola captures them on her phone.

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The end of the episode shows Bob and Abishola on their favorite park bench watching the video of Dottie and Hank. Bob talks about a life with just the both of them, free from their relatives. A clearly exhausted Abishola falls asleep in the arms of her Sock Man.

I completely loved this episode. The chemistry between Dottie and Abishola is particularly amazing and I always look forward to their scenes. Also, watching Aunty Olu and Uncle Tunde give Dele a hard time for absolutely no reason at all took me back to my childhood… Fun times! A definite 9/10 for me.

Due to the television impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, all production for Bob hearts Abishola has been suspended. We do hope we get more episode of the show when this is all over.

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