Chicago PD (S07E19) “Buried Secrets”

When Ruzek witnesses a kidnapping late at night, while the team searches for the victim secrets will be revealed. Here’s a recap!

NUP 190734 0298 - Chicago PD (S07E19) "Buried Secrets"

After calling it a night, the team heads home but Ruzek heads to a bar to what seems to try to take his troubles away. But when he’s about to have a night with a woman; he witnesses someone getting kidnapped and tries to pursue until he crashes, while he’s under the influences.

As the Intelligence identifies the victim, Voight and Ruzek visit the victim’s parent’s home to talk with the family; but apparently, the father had already known about it since the kidnappers had called for a ransom. But things take a twist when Voight and team learned that there something about the victim’s father.

It turns out that the kidnapped victim’s father had killed the kidnapper’s son; because of a special relationship that he didn’t want to be out in the world. Ruzek talks with the kidnapper but dies after Halstead took a shot. The victim’s father on the only hand was charged and taken away.

In the end, Ruzek opens up to Burgess, who’s been trying for the last few weeks, and go out to dinner.

“Buried Secret” was a very good episode and one that I very much enjoyed Adam Ruzek’s character perspective. Mainly when he’s drunk and about to have a night of fun; but goes full police mode even when he’s drunk. It’s fun and hilarious but all in all heart. That story in this episode was one that had me going with the twist and turns. I think all in all we can all agree that the ending with Burgess and Ruzek left us on a very good note. Overall, I give this episode an 8.5/10.

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You can catch Chicago PD season finale Wednesday, April 15th at 10/9c on NBC.