An Interview with Candace Cameron Bure

TV Series Hub had the great privilege to speak with Candace Cameron Bure, ‘D.J. Tanner’ from the hit series “Full House” and Netflix’s “Fuller House,” and you will hardly believe the excitement she has in store for us. Most of us recognize her from being an integral part of our living rooms for so many years, but she is also a wife, mother of three, producer, director, businesswoman, talk show host on “The View” for two years, and New York Times Best-Selling Author! Today we get to learn about the concert she’ll be co-hosting on Facebook LIVE and touch upon a few of her other projects like Christmas movies, Aurora Teagarden and gardening.

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Candace Cameron Bure photographed by Eric Michael Roy

While you are not new to presenting or hosting, this concert is happening on Facebook Live! So how does it feel not only to be supporting the #StayAtHome movement but to be sharing this incredible gathering of music and message on a global platform to anyone with web service?

This is such an incredible opportunity that I am thrilled we were able to accomplish. People are in need of hope, faith, courage, and inspiration during this anxiety producing time. When I was asked to be a part of Hope Rising I did not hesitate to say yes. Not only is this event a result of a lot of hard work, but it is backed up by a lot of heart. This is about giving back to people in need. Hope Rising will uplift and inspire. Plus, despite the challenge of each artist recording this from home, the end result is mind-blowing. There is an amazing energy behind it, and it needs to be seen everywhere.

Can you tell us a little bit about how The Hope Rising Benefit Concert came to fruition, and/or how you became involved with it?

My brother, Kirk, and I watched some of the other benefit concerts, which were entertaining, but we felt like there was one element missing that actually gives us real hope and that’s God. We thought “why don’t we do this with music and lyrics that have deep meaning and inspiration that gives the kind of hope only God can give.” Kirk and I instantly started working on bringing it into fruition. I’ve helped produce it along with his team. Then we decided it would be fun to co-host it together as well!

If you were to join any of the artists in song or dance for this show, which one would you join and why?

For King & Country are friends and always a favorite of mine. They performed on The View for my 40th birthday with my daughter, Natasha, and I also was in their music video for their song “Joy!” I also wouldn’t mind jammin’ with Kirk Franklin! They are all so amazing it is hard to choose.

I know you’re not at a bowling ally in LA but, will Karaoke Candace make an appearance?

LOL! You may not get the chance to see Karaoke Candace, but you better believe I will be singing along to every song!

There is something extra special about getting to see an artist perform from their own home, like an insider look at how they might create. Let’s say we need to stay home more than we previously imagined and you decided to start a show from home, what would we get to see?

I guess I’d be thumbing through my contacts to see which celebrities I know would join me for conversation! You’d probably see a lot of Full House and Fuller House people and a whole lot of Hallmark Channel stars. You’d see my dog Boris, a whole lot of fitness, my vegetable garden, cooking and my kids. We’d play embarrassing games like, Never Have I Ever.

You and your brother have worked together a few times before, though not often! How will this special concert be a different experience for the two of you?

It’s always special to team up with Kirk because we don’t do it very often. We joked that we’ve talked to each other more in the past two weeks than the past two years. (We both have equally grueling travel schedules when we’re not quarantined.) We have hosted many events, but not virtually from our individual homes. We have been working day and night together with an incredible team of people to get Hope Rising off its feet. Now that it has taken off, we can’t wait to enjoy it with the world!

Hope Rising isn’t the only charitable cause you back. You’re also an ambassador with The Salvation Army and an inspiration for us all. What advice might you give someone who’s looking to follow in your footsteps and find a way to give back?

You can give back in so many ways during this time whether it is financially or by serving others. Volunteering at your local food drive, grocery shopping for someone who may be immunocompromised, or sending sweet cards to people during this time are all small acts of kindness that goes a long way.

It’s often hard to find the good in life, especially during this pandemic in which we are currently living. Events like The Hope Rising Benefit truly bring the silver lining out! During this time of uncertainty, what have your silver linings been?

My husband Val and I had become empty nesters in 2019 which made me sad. Now, we have all three kids back in the house which thrills me! For that reason alone, it’s been one of the silver linings I’m grateful for. More time with my children and husband, cooking, playing board games, going for walks around the neighborhood and talking. The conversations have been incredible.

You have graced us with your talents lately via your triumphant return to D.J. Tanner on “Fuller House” (so excited for the second half of season 5 to drop.) Once you were the big sister we all wanted, now you’re the mom/wife/friend/sister/believer, we all wish we knew! How have your fan interactions changed since returning to the roll? Do you have any favorite interactions you might share with us?

I will always be DJ Tanner to anyone who wants me to be 🙂 I love her so much and am blessed to reprise the role for 5 more seasons on Fuller House. The fan base demographic is incredible- brand new young fans as well as moms and dads and grandparents who grew up on the original. My interactions are usually so endearing and/or super fun. People get excited to meet me (which tickles me to death,) maybe because I’ve been in their living room for 30 years, or maybe because I bring heartfelt Christmas stories into their lives during one of the most special seasons of the year. I love it most when people tell me something meaningful, how the shows or movies have impacted them in some way, or helped them through a difficult time, bringing cheer and happiness.

You’ve already revealed that you’re daughter Natasha will be making a surprise cameo on the show (very cool btw), if you could re-create any movie with her, what would it be and why?

Freaky Friday! That would be fun!! Real life mother/daughter team!

Christmas Movie awesomeness. As long as you keep making them, we’ll keep watching them! Is there another in the works? Also, do you have a favorite movie(s) to watch at Christmas, or do you prefer to watch the new ones that come each year?

I do have one or maybe even two in the works for this year! However, because of quarantine, I’m praying we’re still able to make them. I was slated to film seven new Hallmark movies this year, but now that’s changed… I like watching the new Hallmark movies that come out each year most, but we always watch Elf together as a family. It’s my ALL TIME FAVORITE.

There’s a new Aurora Teagarden movie coming out! For those who may not have seen them yet, can you tell us a little bit about this series, and how it’s different from your your other movies?

Yes! May 17th an all new Aurora Teagarden, Heist and Seek airs on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries Channel. I play the title character, a librarian who has passion for unsolved mysteries. She’s always in the middle of a real life crime, helping solve the mystery, much to the police and detective’s dismay. This is a movie series, meaning you can watch them independently and still follow along just fine! However, if you watch them in order, you’ll understand some of the key character’s relationships better. They are all family friendly mysteries – think Angela Lansbury!

You act, produce, direct, dance, are an expert in fitness and style, and probably have a multitude of other talents as well. What is your next feat to tackle?!

I love to garden! We have a garden in our yard that is so fun for me to tend to. It’s almost therapeutic to take care of it and watch it grow.

I vote we take the high road.

Let’s keep it classy & choose kindness.

-Candace Cameron Bure

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