Chicago Fire (S08E20) “51st Original Bell” Season Finale

The season finale of Chicago Fire had us questioning whether someone was leaving Firehouse 51. Here’s a recap!


NUP 190732 0008 - Chicago Fire (S08E20) "51st Original Bell" Season Finale

In the season finale of Chicago Fire Firehouse 51 deals with a chemical gas at a junkyard that put one of Severide’s men in danger. That happened to be Capp, who took the worst of the hit with his eyes not looking good. Severide tries to look into it and even question the owner of the place; but that didn’t turn out too well. After a talk with someone at the CFD about it, it looked like all those warnings paid off to getting the junkyard to shut down.

On the other hand, Capp skipped medical treatment at Med. Severide and Casey try to get him back before Will has to report it. After finding Capp at his home, Capp went back and after more than an hour for an eye exam, Capp will be fine.

Kidd’s Girls on Fire is doing so well and with the help of Brett and Foster, it’s getting Foster some life-changing idea. Foster talks with Kidd about how she reapplied to Med school and has an interview at Northwestern; but is worried about how Brett will handle it. The secret gets spilled when Will talks about it to Foster in front of Brett, who wasn’t too happy.

Brett was also dealing with news about Scott deciding to take baby Amelia back to Rockford, Ill, but wants her to come over to be a part of her sister’s life. After getting a bit of short advice from Casey about the partnership and all, Brett waits for Foste after her interview and tells her that they’ll be lucky to have her.

Kidd gets worried about one of her students, who asked for the fire manual but didn’t return to the program. We don’t get a storyline ending but I assume that this will be addressed in the next season. Also, Gallo is dealing with tension with Violet, who he tells her that they should see other people. Taking advice from Cruz and others didn’t help at all.

“51st Original Bell” was a good season finale that had the theme that someone might be leaving 51. Whether it might have been Capp or even Foster; I was leaning towards Capp. I just feel bad for Brett even more, who’s seems to be losing everyone from her sister moving back to even Foster leaving too. I’m just hoping that she too isn’t leaving. But this episode was Severide’s for the taking as he fought tooth and nail to try to get answers to take down that junkyard that injuries his firefighter.

Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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You can catch Chicago Fire available on, NBC app, Google Play, etc. Hopefully, we’ll see them return this fall!

UPDATE: As of yesterday, TVline had reported that Annie Ilonzeh won’t be returning to Chicago Fire for Season 9. It’s sad to see someone leave that’s been so good for the past two seasons, Monica Raymund’s replacement on 61. So Foster leaves 51, could she be going to Chicago Med? That would make Will excited to have on staff. Also, who could replace Foster? Violet? Oh man, that’s gonna be fun to watch.

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